Round 6 Mafia Hit: Burning Bridges

Angie had been doing a lot of thinking, about, well...about everything. This whole situation had put things into perspective for her. Looking around, she realized that she was in a dead end marriage, had a loser boyfriend (but the sex was great) and a job that would take her no where.

Screw that! When she got out of this mess Angie was going to make a fresh start. She'd get a divorce, dump the dead weight and go back to art school for the graphics career she always wanted (but never had time for), it would be just her and Snowball, her Persian cat.(pedigree but sheds, everywhere!)

As she headed towards the kitchen, Angie smelled mulberry. Now that was odd. It smelled....

Just like her candles.

"Hey! Those are mine!" She put her hands on her hips and glared at the person perched on the counter next to a lighted candle.(Ok, Really it was more of a pout)

"Yep, smells nice. Thanks." Came the unrepentant reply.

Angie made a step towards the newly professed candle lover, intending on taking them back but she was stopped short by something coming over her head.

"This is yours also. If I'm not mistaken. Don't worry, we won't take it from you, we're not thieves." The voice behind her was quiet but full of menace. Angie realized that the thing around her neck was her new black silk robe, twisted into a rope and pulled tight around her neck. (Now hopelessly wrinkled...what an odd thought for a moment like this!)

They were true to their word, the robe was draped gently over her and the candles, carefully snuffed out, were placed just beside her head.

(Angie's new beginning would just have to start with the next life.)