Mafia Round 6 Lynch - Coffee Coffee Everywhere...

Clean Willie ran the broad mop over the already spotless floor, whistling softly to himself, oblivious to the crowd throwing him looks that would dirty up even his floor if he were paying attention. His perpetually surprised face contorted to a slight frown when he saw a coffee cup on the floor near the coat closet, but reverted back to its shocked expression when he bent over to pick it up.

He caught the inside of the closet out of the corner of his eye.

It was…dilapidated. Coffee –everywhere-. On the floor. On the walls. And was that…good grief, there was even coffee on the ceiling! He turned back to face his fellow hostages, who all seemed to be looking the other way. Scowling now, he picked up his bucket of cleaning supplies and walked into the closet to repair the damage done.

With a slam and a click, the door was closed and locked behind him. Haha, very funny. Oh, and how cute, they even blocked the little crack at the bottom of the door, leaving him in darkness.

Oh well; that’s what god made light switches for. He flicked on the light and took in the sight of the coffee splattered walls once more before pouring a mixture of cleaning solutions into his bucket and getting to work.


“Do you hear anything?”

“No, do you?”

“No…think he’s dead?”

“I dunno…think it’s been enough time?”

“Did you remember to turn off the vent?”

“Yeah, it’s off. No way he’s still alive in there, not with all those fumes.”

“Well…open the door I guess.”

The hostages stepped back as one when the door fell opened, some coughing and gagging at the powerful smell of cleaning agents. They had ensured Clean Willie would have his work cut out for him, that he would need a healthy amount of chemicals if he wanted those stains gone, and it appeared their plan had succeeded. The pale kid lay sprawled out on the floor, a scrub brush still in hand, looking for all the world as though he had cleaned until his very last moment.

It showed; the coat closet was now spotless.

Tor 18 years ago
((OOC: HAHA that ROCKS!))