Round 7 Mafia Hit: Such a pain in the...

Raul looked around behind him and saw no one else, considering himself alone, he reached down to pick up the cleaning kid's wallet.

This was a sad state of affairs, they had more dead bodies than fleas on a dog and if he wasn't careful he'd be next. It was more than he bargained for, he'd expected to drink a few cold coffees, get a few strange looks, dive into a trash can or two and that was it. There was nothing here worth dieing for and Raul was personally wondering how easy it might be to slip out the back and make for an exit.

"You know you've been trouble from day one." A calm voice said behind him, opening a box knife with an expert flick.

He looked up in time to see it arching towards his neck...too late to move in the closed space of the closet.

"Wussma" he muttered and stumbled backwards over the albino's body, clutching at the spurting hole in his neck. "Isawnothinnono" Raul tried to shake his head in denial, not that it would help, he reflected darkly and then his vision blackened to follow his thoughts and his body slumped down to the floor.

With a smile, his attacker took off the bloody Barney's apron and tossed it carelessly over the bodies. It was a shame the bum's blood messed up all Willie's hard work.