Clues Revealed!

Mai, holler if I missed any :X

Round 7:
Mentions a dog

Round 6:
Mentions a pet cat

Round 5:
A mysterious person (clean willie) picked up the battle worn hammer but it was shiny by the time Mural saw it

Pictures of humming birds…a slight reference to Eve, but a reference nonetheless.

You never ever believed in me.- Marilyn Manson lyric, that’s from Tourniquet.

Round 4:
Anything to belong – Marilyn Manson again

And…the pristine bathroom of Clean Willie O_O.

Round 3:
There’s no time to discriminate. – Marilyn Mason…again

The bag over Yumei’s head smelled of coffee beans, but Brad assumed it was a flour bag. Why? Perhaps some white makeup got on the outside.

Stand up and admit it. – Marilyn Manson…

Round 2:
Yumei was clubbed over the head. Carol has a freakin collapsible asp in her purse.

Cali sat on the sofa, which happened to be the SK’s favorite spot, and chugged down her pills with the coffee nearby. You guys basically figured out what happened.

Round 1:
Lou slipped on the floor…the wet slippery freshly mopped floor!

Lou was then poisoned…and who has a nice cocktail of pills in their purse?

ROzbeans 17 years ago
'Yumei was clubbed over the head. Carol has a freakin collapsible asp in her purse.'

Carol isn't subtle =D
Mai 17 years ago
Yes ma'am.. in

Round 1:

He was hit on the head with a blunt object, in this case the coffee pot, but it was the first clue leading to Carol who had a baton with her.

Round 4:

Frances was about to turn and leave when he saw someone behind him.

"Hey! what the...?"

This was because the person he saw didn't belong in the man's bathroom... a woman. Could have been either Carol or Kelly.

Then drowned in the toilet ( Clean Willie) it -is- always good to flush.

Round 6:

Don't worry, we won't take it from you, we're not thieves.

This pointed out that it -wasn't- Raul, who had been taking stuff the whole game.

Round 7:

opening a box knife with an expert flick.

Kelly (obviously since she's the only one left) who worked in a retail pet store, she was likely used to using a box knife...more so than most everyone else and certainly more than anyone left.

bloody Barney's apron

A worker's apron...used to kept the blood off her own uniform.. and a reference to the fact that she was wearing one herself.
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
Wow, I didn't realize all those were Marilyn Manson lyrics. I'd been looking for them, but that one phrase I caught was the only one that actually stood out at me. Damn you, Manson!!