Hands off me Booty!! - FAQ

Feel free to post your questions here regarding the pirate exchange. I'll will add to this the questions I've gotten so far (when I get home).


Is this an "exchange" as was done on NS where we are assigned a person?
It's only labeled an exchange because you play trick or treat with the other's that are signed up.

Or do we pick our own person/people and create away until Oct. 31?
Yes, you can give a treat to whomever you want.

By creating a 'treat', what do you mean by that?
The treat is the 60x60 little artsy do that you create. It's limited to that size since you can trade early and slap them into your signature.

Do you just make one 'treat' and send the same one to everyone that asks?
You can do that if you like or make different ones. That's up to you and if you have the time or desire.

If someone asks you for a treat do they make one for you in exchange and what if no one asks you for a treat?
If someone asks you for a treat, it's not REQUIRED they make you one in return, but it's heavily ENCOURAGED. If no one asks you for a treat, then feel free to treat whomever you like or everyone signed up.

Your hair is so pretty, can I braid it?
Yes, you can. irate

Maeya 18 years ago
I'm sorry for being so dense, but I still don't understand what these treats are supposed to be. Are they images of our own characters? Or if someone asks us for a treat do we dress up their character to hand back to them? Are they, in essence, collecting a bunch of different images of their own character(s)?

Or is the treat something completely different.... like... I don't know... just a pretty image?
Sarah 18 years ago
I'm fairly certian that something like this...

is what they mean by treat.

((That's one of many so feel free to use it if you all wish ))
Maeya 18 years ago
So just *a pirate*(or halloween) related graphic then.

Gotcha. I think I was over complicating things.
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Exactly, sorry hehe. Anything within the theme like pumpkins, black cats, ghosts, pirates, pirate thongs...whatever you like =D
Maeya 18 years ago
It's like a lightbulb clicked over my head. I totally get it now =)

I am sorry for being so dumb about the whole thing, I was just not comprehending for whatever reason - but now I know! (And knowing is half the battle)
Morcalivan 18 years ago
*raises hand* What's a pirate thong? Does it bite?

Secondly, do we have a trick bit?