WOW siggy

I think this goes here...

Anyway, I love the sheep graphics in WOW so much, I came up with this idea for a sig and had to try it out.

CC 3.5 please.

CC on all of it is welcomed, but I'm especially looking for comments on which version works better: the WOW graphic troll or my (weaksauce) freehand troll? I'm partial to the freehand one myself because it shows so much more personality... but the WOW graphic one is prettier to look at (even if her face does look fat).

I know the face of the drawing looks flat compared to the arms and sheep, so that's something I need to fix.. anything else?

Thank you in advance =)

Larry 18 years ago
heh, that second one is adorable.
Temprah 18 years ago
Definately the second one! It's so cuuute!!!
Mai 18 years ago
That's great! The second one is cute and fits more with the sheep graphic since she's snuggling it, the other makes you wonder what the two of them have in common with each other.

Or at least it does me.
ROzbeans 18 years ago
HAHA cute! Use the freehand one and I think she looks adorable! Really good job on drawing her freehand. Try playing with the shadows of her face a little. Like where she's hugging the little guy. That sheep is cracking me up with the little love hearts. VERY creative, Maeya!