hehe Ok so I got another new toy... Deep Reflections: Eye Maps These have been ummm interesting to play with LOL They fit V3 perfectly prior to applying morphs. But once you apply the morphs, you need to do a lot of tweaking to get them where they belong. Any other Millennium model needs tweaking before and after morphs to get them to fit right. I'm still playing around with them but I think I may have it figured out!

So do you think I got close to bringing V3 and M3 to life?

Deep Reflections: Eye Maps (duh hehe)
Real Ladies (V3 morphs)
Biana (V3 texture)
Kozaburo's MK hair (V3)
Griffin (M3 morph and texture)
Toyo Hair

Dark_Wolf 18 years ago
Well, considering I can't recall any 3d job that actually did create photorealism (of people this close up), I'd say it's damn close.
The one place where it's easiest to tell it's 3d-work is where the eyelid meets the eye, thouhg I think most of the easy tell-tale things could be removed with a bit of postwork.
MistressWit 18 years ago
They are VERY realistic.

If you want more realism I would postwork V3's lips...Lipstick is NEVER perfect. And the edges are too crisp on hers.

M3's hair is what keeps him from total relaism...

other than that. Dead on! well done.
Adiene 18 years ago
wow those are nice, i keep expecting one to start talking to me o.O
Gilae 18 years ago
I keep HOPING the one will start talking to me...
Hey baby, how YOU doin?
Adiene 18 years ago
ROFL Gilae, you crack me up!