Tech Sig

Done and given to Cali who is in charge of Ben... well, at least she thinks that's the way it works. I'm not so sure.

c/c and such still welcome of course.

Den 18 years ago
Oh jeez...he's really gonna think his stuff smells like roses now...

(Very cool btw )
Mai 18 years ago
Thank you. I'm sure he probably will and would tell you that he has a spell to make sure of it.

Course, he studies more than most... so perhaps he does. O_O
Morcalivan 18 years ago
He actually -does- have a spell that could make that happen. Lets be thankful he hasn't taken to trying that out yet, though. Although he did just give me amusing flashes of rose smelling pressies that could be delivered to The Enemy.

I still love this sig. Its like... awesome man. Totally. I hump your leg now?

Mai 18 years ago
You're welcome. ^_^ It was a blast to make though at one point the brushed red portion was some seriously sick multi coloured looking thing.. never planned to keep it that way but it was scary at one time.

The little yellow button thing was not quite as cool as I'd hoped but oh well. I still like the little screen. Yay Notus!
Adiene 18 years ago
bah just saw this , thats a sweet looking sig , I love the skulls
Mai 18 years ago
Thank ya Ben's favorite subject is Necromancy so I figured they were appropriate.