Hogwarts Mafia Round 1: Mafia Hit/Serial Kill

Hogwarts :: Hufflepuff Fifth Year Dormitory :: David Trelawny

The dark mark glowing bright green over the school…faces looming over something he couldn't see, red light illuminating them…students, dead and dying…a map with moving names…a violent sneeze…high, cold laughter…

David blinked and shook his head violently, trying to clear away the awful things he had seen. Then he remembered that he shouldn’t be trying to forget the vision that had overtaken him while he studied the crystal ball. This was terrible! He had to tell someone, and soon…before he forgot what he had seen.

He ran from the room, his remembral clutched in his fist and one thought on his mind: get to McGonagal.

Of course, this single-mindedness did not last long and soon the remembral was glowing vivid red as David made his way through the halls.

Hogwarts :: Library :: Mafia

“How about ferrets?”

A few in the group snickered at that suggestion but the response was immediate, annoyed.

“That’s not even funny. Anyway, who has a ferret for a pet? No, we need rats, or owls, or toads.”

“Well an owl looks like a bit of a trick according to this book and….well I don’t think Lucius Malfoy would much fancy being turned into a toad…”

“Alright, we’ll do this one then. The rat. Everyone got the spell?”

“I don’t know; kind of hard to say if you know something without trying it out first, wouldn’t you say?”

“We’ll have to test it out first, then. Excellent.”

Hogwarts :: Great Hall :: David Trelawny, Mafia

“Oy. You! Forget something?”

David turned away from the Quidditch announcement that had captured his attention for a moment and faced the group of students that seemed to have taken an interest in him. One of them sneered maliciously, which gave him a somewhat uneasy feeling. Oh, right! He didn’t have time for this; he had to get to Headmistress McGonagall!

“Yeah, his brain.”

“Think he’ll do?”

“Yeah, let’s do this. One, two…”

On three David bowed over, clutching his stomach as the group of students stood around him, laughing. Suddenly they all seemed so much bigger than him, looming over like a ring of trees, and their laughter grew more distant. What was going on? It was like a bad dream, some all too realistic vision of impending doom and terror, and he took a moment to register that this was truly happening. By then he was being picked up and held in front of a face, then spun around to face someone else. He was so high up, disoriented, confused…

“What are you kids doing?”

Oh no! Filch! Er, I mean…oh yes, Filch! Help me Filch! Give them detention!

The group turned as one to face Filch, putting on their most wholesome innocent faces and smiling beatifically.

“We’re playing with our pet rat. Nothing wrong with that, I hope?”

Filch seemed quite dubious at this explanation but David was too busy thinking about the implications to concern himself with their polite conversation. Between his fellow student’s statement and the fact that he was feeling distinctly more furry, he worked out that he was the rat in question fairly quickly. Now what could he do about that? David wasn’t sure, but he wouldn’t get anywhere being held up by the students who put him in this situation. Maybe if he did something very…unratlike?...he could convince Filch to take him away.

Making up his mind, he squirmed and wiggled and finally bit down on someone’s hand, and then quite suddenly he was sailing through the open air to fall on the flagstones with a splat.

Alright. It could be worse.

There could be a nasty yellow eyed cat named Mrs. Norris staring at him.

Oh wait, there was.

David fled in terror.

Hogwarts :: Corridor :: Serial Killer and David Trelawny

"Yes, this will do nicely," a voice murmured from above. David, feeling about as harassed as any rat had ever felt, looked up to see what this new ordeal was likely to be.

There above him stood a student waiving a wand in the air with a satisfied expression on their face. David paused and sat on his hind legs wondering if they'd just gotten a new wand, why else would they be so happy to simply wave it around in the air?

Then he remembered his task and that he was rat. Oh yes! The nasty bunch of kids, the murders! McGonagall! He scampered between the student's legs and was just about to round the corner when he was stopped.

"Petrificus Totalis!"

The voice of the student stated clearly and he could hear footsteps as they walked in an unhurried fashion towards him. Caught by the spell that kept him from moving, he had fallen over onto his side and mused absently that the ceiling could use a bit of dusting as there were quite a few cobwebs up there.

"My my what do we have here?" David found himself being picked up and stared at closely.

"You remind me of a long lost friend of mine." David was not very reassured by this considering the awful leer that accompanied these words.

The student petted him on his stone stiff head though and walked into an unoccupied room. He was then placed on a table as the other regarded him thoughtfully for a minute.

"Yes, just like my old friend. I bet you're terrified.. he was always was terrified as well and in the end he had every right to be. For he failed me... and do you know what happened then?"


And David did know, it came to him in horrifying clarity; a rat like man cowering before a dark and sinister presence...He who must not be named, himself!. The balding sniveling man was begging for his life but David did not need his extraordinary talents to know that it would do the rat man no good.. and sure enough, a curse was spoken and a green light flared from the Dark One's wand.


David was back in the room, or at least he thought he was; he could see himself from an odd angle and it took him only a minute to realize he was seeing another vision. The student was smiling and looking pleased and there on the table was his body, human once more, staring lifelessly at nothing at all.

The vision was over and he was a rat caught in a binding spell once again. Did he actually look like that when he was staring off into space? The student had been talking, he wondered if he were supposed to answer but decided that since he could not in any case then there was no point in worrying about it.

"...needs to be tested you see. So you're death will serve a higher purpose. You should feel honored to be the first."

He felt nothing of the sort actually, here was some of the biggest news of his young life as a fortune teller and he was never going to get the chance to tell anyone at all. It had been true..all true, he had never once been wrong and he knew he was not going to be this time either...

"Avada Kedavra!"

And there it was, the green light that was the last thing David Trelawny actually saw.


The body on the table slowly changed form back into a ragamuffin of a boy wearing clothes that looked several sizes too big for him and large thick glasses that were smudged in a few places. The petrifying charm wore off and something fell from his lifeless hand and rolled across the floor.

The student simply stared a moment before bending down to pick up the cloudy red remembral.

"I wonder what he forgot. Alas, it is not important now."


David Bowles 18 years ago
One of them sneered maliciously, which gave him a somewhat uneasy feeling.

Something tells me that this is important...
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Simon walked his normal slow pace down one of the many hallways with his hands in his pockets. His robes swished at his long legs and dusted the top of his leather shoes. He was on his way back to Griffyndor quarters when suddenly there were weeping girls running towards him. A few other's started to run passed him, up to one of the side rooms. Pulling his hands out of his pockets, he quickened his pace to follow.

Upon entering the room, Simon gently nudged passed the other lookie loos and saw the body. Who was that, he thought. David...Tre something...he's a Hufflepuff. He didn't like the layout of the body and its implications. With a grimace Simon turned away from the body and left the room.
Vulash 18 years ago
Dexter had no clue what was going on, but girls were upset. And upset girls needed hugs and a shoulder to cry on. He slipped back to his bunk to check over the list of those that stayed again and began circling any matches for "female" and "Slytherin". With all the commotion he knew there was no way he'd get into the Gryfindor commonroom. Now....how to get into Slytherin..
Vudu 18 years ago
Steven was walking down the hall when he ran into simon and he noticed he was looking at a body simon runs to the body and flips him over and says " crap hes a huffle puff " and then looks back at simon i think we should tell someone simon
Rasberry 18 years ago
Word had spread quickly; there had been an accident or something. Alison had heard from a friend who knew someone who had talked to someone else who had actually seen a Hufflepuff boy being turned into a rat up on top of the library, and that he had somehow died as a result. How exactly one had lead to the other, nobody seemed to know, but the boy’s body had been discovered lying atop a table or something, although that part hadn’t been entirely clear to her either.

In truth, she found the whole thing rather hard to believe. After all, anyone who knew an ounce about anything could defend against being turned into a rat. It was more likely that the poor sod had turned himself into a rat, and anything that happened afterwards was his own damn fault if you asked her. That kind of blatant stupidity this school could do with a little less of, and if it took an untimely death for the rest of this lot to realize how extraordinarily senseless most of them really were, then so be it. It might do them all some good in the end.

As she walked casually down a particularly dull corridor, students of every size, shape, and house were pushing past her, presumably to get a look at this boy. She decided, almost immediately, that she would not be joining them. There were better ways to spend ones time, and she refused to lower herself to such a common level.

Thoroughly bored with the whole situation, Alison yawned, shook her hair out over her shoulders, and continued on her way.
Just Erin 18 years ago
Em heard the commotion in the hall and made a swift v-line towards the noise, although not for the same reasons as she used to. A crowd almost always meant some fun, but her role as a Prefect nowadays made outbursts in the hallways less novel.

As she turned the corner, there were students clustered together around a doorway, whispering loudly and a few girls off to the side were sniffling on each other's shoulders. She heard alarming snippets "....he's dead....into a rat...Hufflepuff...found on that table...but a rat?"

Em's instincts took over and she pushed through the crowd quickly, calling out "PREFECT coming through!" She stopped dead in her tracks and stared. A boy about her age laid sprawled on a table in the empty classroom before her. She recognized him from her Divination class, but couldn’t remember his name. He’d always been quiet and clumsy and usually sat alone.

Half a second later her Charms teacher pushed through the crowd. “What is going on here … OH MY WORD!” The kindly witch stopped just as abruptly. Em could feel her own heart beating in her throat. After a moment of shocked hesitation, her teacher turned to Em with wide eyes.

“Miss Kinaley, run and get the Headmistress, and hurry!”

“Yes, Professor!”

Emeraude darted past the gawking students and dashed back up the hall, her robes flying behind her.
Tor 18 years ago
Removing his glasses, Egon rubbed his eyes. The time before finals and the visit to Hogsmeade were always the most troublesome fro Arithmancy and Divination. All of the negative energy, coupled with the natural calendar cycles and the distances of solar bodies made any premonitory algorithms so...dreary. Death, death, death. Likely Trelawney was seeing the Grim right now.

Sighing, Egon began putting his books away, when he noticed something...a stray bit of work he'd doodled in the margin of his ledger. Compiling the data, he frowned. Walking to the other side of the library, he checked. According to the computations, the point was within Hogwarts Proper. Kicking himself for not designing a z-axis algorithm, he scooped up his belongings. Turning a corner, he saw Prefect Kinaley running like a girl...sorry, woman posessed. It seems that his calculations were, unfortunately, correct. Watching the crowd gather to the Grim like flies to the dead, Egon headed the other direction. He would hear the news soon enough...now...he had some more equations to work out. What if the current concordance kept that point dancing within Hogwarts for a time? Another student could die.

Setting off toward the Arithmancy classroom, Egon mentally prepared himself for some heavy mathematics.
Aniyah 18 years ago
Ani followed the noise to the crowd of folks huddled in a mass. Looking around and over folks she caught glimpses of the body lying up ahead. The realization that someone had actually died in the school while she was in attendance made her queasy.

Whispering to no one in particular she asked, "Who is that?"
Den 18 years ago
Stumbling slightly, Poppy almost ran into Simon going the opposite direction. She stopped and watched the cute boy continue on, and wondered if she should follow after. Immediately thereafter, she cursed herself for such silliness. Simon, though in the same house as she, didn't know she existed. Besides, in her condition she would probably just make a complete ass of herself anyway.

Having tested out a new 'clarifying' potion, only moments ago, Poppy soon realized the draught had a decidedly unfortunate aftereffect. While it did offer her mind some clarity, it seemed her ability to move gracefully had been zapped. Hence the stumble in her gait. She thanked the stars the side effect hadn't been worse, as she continued down the hall towards a group of kids. A girl dashed past Poppy, as she neared the students, spilling out from a classroom.

"What's going on?"

She asked of no one in particular...just to the group as a whole.
Laha 18 years ago
Standing outside watching the people come and go, the crying and misery of friends who had lost someone dear made Rorri's lips smirk and her sea blue eyes dance as she saw an interesting pattern unfolding.

It starts like a ripple in the water with a central event and those ripples reach out and enfold other events thus in turn creating opportunity.

How interesting, Malfoy had once spoken how Potter had used such ripples to his own advantage to rise in the school; and so would she.

Oh yes, so would she...

With a face filled with mock curiosity she walked into the usually forbidden estates not of house Slitherin and looked around taking things into memory as she did so; one never knew when the simpliest of memories might one day provide service to one's own cause she always figured.

But in truth it was the body of David Trelawny that gained her interest and how she could manipulate this fortuante event to her advantage, after all he was already dead and beyond remorse.

Still, as she moved through the disarray of people both frantic and clueless she spied something of interest and as she made a passing of the body used the distraction of a first year Hufflepuff experiencing a breakdown as the means to swipe poor David's wand.

How she always loved collecting such things that others no longer had a need for...

She pretended to be compassionate to the poor girl and helped her out into the hall outside, she really didn't feel anything for the poor mudblood, but it was still advantagous to be seen that way and provided an excellent means to get out unquestioned.

Oh yes...this was definately going to be an interesting time she though as she walked off with the distrought Hufflepuff first year...