about time i post something...

here's the latest. got some new pens to play around with and had to try 'em out. she's got lotsa hair, and the hands are funky, but thats cause im too lazy to learn to do it right.

ROzbeans 16 years ago
The sexy! My only c/c is you gotta work on the hands! You have the shape down, you should work more on details! Your lines are WAY cleaner and you seem like youre testing the waters, edging away from cartoonish with the bods (although your lion king fan stuff is SO CUTE), working on finer details now might be the next step!

Morcalivan 16 years ago
Spaggeti finger! Which is actually cute looking in the inked and colored versions. While you could always work on more realism, I kind of like the funky hands. They are very distinctively you. Nothing wrong with an artist having some unique stamp to their work. And yay for big hair! Always pretty looking.

I think I like the inked version the most. Its just so smooth looking. Inking is an art all on its own and you really have it working perfectly for this.
Runyan 16 years ago
this makes me wish i could draw

damn my hands