Hogwarts Mafia Round 3 voting - 12/14, Midnight EST

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pooka 18 years ago
Simon/Rozbeans is creeping me out. He voted for Angelina, who I think was the sheriff based on the lynch scene. He's also tall, which has been used as a clue in the past and while his satchel isn't cluttered, his character does not sound very organized or efficient. He's deflected accusations smoothly every day, but people other than myself have seen fit to accuse him after every killing. I'm at work so I can't really research it right now. Mainly it's the vibe. If he is mafia, I expect to see a campaign coming back against me. We'll see.
David Bowles 18 years ago
Simon is also aloof, which many of the clues have alluded to. I'm going to vote for lynching Simon now, because I have my last final this evening and I'm afraid of death by natural causes
Ashmore 18 years ago
Simon has my vote. While the "tall" and "aloof" are minor similarities the fact that he has those AND is the only one with a pet owl (which has been brought up in clues past as well) point me in his direction.

From his bio:

Height: 6'1
..Simon could be described as the brooding melancholy kid...
...It would be safe to say that Simon didn't have any friends, other than his pet owl...
Xandare 18 years ago
While I think Dexter is the godfather, I dont have any evidence to back up the claim other than a hunch.. and thats not gonna convince anyone.. so i'm going to vote for "Egon" aswell
ROzbeans 18 years ago
I have my suspicions with the people who are laying low, traditionally a safe bet for someone mafia, but I agree with Temprah, Egon looks like mafia.
Temprah 18 years ago
Got to go with my facts, so I say Egon

forgot to bold..
Tor 18 years ago
"Simon is pointing to me to give himself an out, despite that the proper use of the sneakoscope reveals falsehoods and the OWLs are something any fifth year is acquatined with in no uncertain terms. Research will indicate this as truth. I happen to be certain that there are more dangerous parties than myself, but vote your conscience. I'm off to do math."
Vudu 18 years ago
based on the mafia and serial killing im basing my stuff on Egon i have seen it going thruough simon and egon and i can't believe simon of doing it good thing simon has conviced me of calling Egon on for the lynch
Droggen 18 years ago
zorgoz 18 years ago

Edit: forgot to bold
Den 18 years ago
Well...I'm still leaning towards Equala (lol) but it would obviously do me no good to vote for her. Rorri isn't that tall, and while someone said height didn't matter, I still think it does...so I won't go with her...and between Simon or Egon....hmmm...I just can't decide, as I see things in both. But I cannot dwell on the matter any longer, or I won't have time to vote!

*tosses coin* *tosses again* *tosses a third time...*

Two out of three -


(Sorry Roz...really...honest...Poppy thinks Simon is too cute to be a killer...but that just wasn't a good enough reason for 'me' not to consider him.)
Laha 18 years ago
I have to say that I'm interested, really interested, in seeing if the 'doctor' will save himself, so let's see.

I vote for Simon.

Pulvani 18 years ago
Well, even though I haven't been saying very much in the open, I am sure you all noticed me among the onlookers at the scenes of these unfortunate incidents. My logical, deductive mind insists that I write down any clues I find in my notebook and try to assemble them into some kind of explanation for all of this. It is really horrendous to think that this many students have died at our lovely school. This must be stopped!

While I do not think this will end the events that are unfolding here at Hogwarts, I do think that Simon knows more than he is saying and needs to be dealt with. Cute or not.

Cobert 18 years ago
Egon, wru on AIM roz =/

Mind its not like it matters, by the time I arrived on scene everyone was already on the kill roz Bandwagon. Bye ROZBEANS
Vulash 18 years ago

I don't know which evil role she fits, but she fits one of them I'm convinced now. Of course this means she will tell everyone I am the godfather and she has indisputable evidence (there is none). If you need my reasons see the ooc thread.
Blackrabbit 18 years ago

Mostly because you called me a cow. That just gets me here. /puts hand on chest.
Hiejinx 18 years ago
Egon -- let's kind of make this even and see if Simon can save himself... if he is really the doc
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Side note: The doctor cannot be saved from a LYNCH only the MAFIA HIT.
Just Erin 18 years ago

Roz told me from the get-go that she's the Dr. and I believe her. Doubt my vote is enough to save her, though. :/ I hope your death is SPECTACULAR, SIMON!
Briare 18 years ago