Hogwarts Mafia - Round 6 Lynch: Tub Thumpin

::Hogwarts :: Prefect's Bathroom :: Lynch mob and Emeraude Kinaley ::

Emeraude had been working quite hard trying to keep order in the school while the teachers seemed to be on a mental leave of absence. It wasn't easy being a prefect, not even to a good bunch of kids like Ravenclaw, who were mostly content to stay in their house common room and study.

She had been a little worried when one of the other prefects was pushed from the tower. Still, such a thing wouldn't happen to her, Emeraude was well liked even by the other houses. The thing so many of her studious companions forgot to do was have fun, take a little time for themselves and -that- was the very thing she had decided to do now.

Slipping into the prefect's bathroom, Emeraude dropped her backpack by the door and started pulling off her rumpled uniform, which currently held stains of some first year's bangers and mash from a food fight that had erupted under the not so watchful eye of Madam Sprout.

So it was with a tired sigh that Emeraude stepped into the warm water of the bath and selected a strawberry fizz bubble bath to ease away the trials of the day. The large tub felt wonderful and soon she was smiling faintly and leaning back to contemplate the work that she still had ahead of her. It all seemed much less difficult from inside the prefect's bathroom with the strawberry scented bubbles rising all around and the mermaid in the painting on the wall peering shyly out from behind her hair.

Just then she heard a sound and looked around nervously, expecting to see an angry mob coming for her like it had for some of the other children. Instead all she saw was Moaning Myrtle looking at her with a pout.

"You don't look very happy to see me. I suppose you're too important to talk to me."

Emeraude sighed at the ghost and did her best not to roll her eyes.

"Its not that I'm unhappy to see you, Myrtle, its just been a long day."

"Oh" Myrtle seemed only partially molified by this answer, as if she really didn't believe the Ravenclaw girl, but she continued on. "So I don't suppose you'll be very happy to see them either."

The ghost giggled maliciously and pointed behind the prefect before diving into the water without so much as a splash.

Emeraude turned her head slowly around, fearing to see just what the ghost found so funny. It was hardly surprising to find an angry mob that had managed to make their way into the room.

"How...how did you get in here?" The Ravenclaw prefect sank lower into the water and backed away to the far side of the tub.

"Oh, you'd be surprised what the teachers will tell you these days, if you ask."

"But we're not here to talk about them, We're here because you've been killing people."

"Don't be silly" Emeraude shouted back while looking around in hopes that someone would back her up. "That's crazy, why would a prefect and a Ravenclaw ruin their hard work by investing their time in such foolishness.."

"You know...that would normally be a convincing story, perhaps even believable for a time but prefects seem to have a drive to get ahead and maybe some of them would do it by -any- means possible."

"Oh let's just do it already. She's a murderer!"

"She's guilty!"

The list of crimes continued.

"A schemer and liar and.."

"A filthy strumpet who's been snogging some Hufflepuff!"

The crowd grew quiet at this and turned as one to look at the accuser.

"Ah, hmm, nevermind."

For Emeraude's part she was wondering how she could get out of there but there were just too many students to deal with. She shouted for her wand, deciding that if she had to go down then she would at least go down fighting.

"Accio Wand!"

The wooden object flew from her backpack and landed neatly into her outstretched hand.

"Stop her!" Several people pointed their wands in Emeraude's direction and a few more took the more direct approach, coming into the water in an effort to drag her out bodily.

"Vesica Validus!" Emeraude pointed her wand at the water and then swished it in the direction of the oncoming students. The strawberry scented bubbles rose from the tub and started multiplying into an iridescent screen of soap suds. The prefect knew it wouldn't actually hold the mob off for long but she hurried towards the edge of the tub and hoped to slip out in the confusion.

"Ow!" Someone yelled "That was my foot, you clod!"

Students were sliding and hexes were flying but a few people managed to remain calm through the chaos.

"Its time to go, Emeraude"

They hauled her back into the water; more students soon joined them as the suds died down and they got their legs back underneath them. Now everyone was glaring accusingly at the prefect once more, even less inclined to believe in her good nature after they suffered a few bruises from her blasted bubbles.

It did not take a hex to take away her wand and force her head under the water until she stoped moving. Once they were done, the group sloshed their way out of the bathroom leaving behind the naked body floating silently in the tub; yet another mess for the house elves to find in the morning.


"I call dibs on her lip balm!"

Just Erin 18 years ago
Man, that was great! She goes out fightin' Irish and she goes out naked!
Tor 18 years ago
Whee! Lip balm *AND* nudity...Egon'll be in his bunk. :P