Hogwarts Mafia Round 7 Mafia Hit

Hogwarts :: Kitchens :: Mafia

“You’re supposed to tickle the pear, not scratch it off!”

“Well excuse me! Where are pears ticklish anyway?”

“Honestly. Just let me do it.”

With a little giggling sound from the pear, the still life painting opened at last to reveal the entrance to the kitchens, and the group of students stepped inside. The house elves were busy running about preparing breakfast and gave the group wary looks as they went about their tasks.

“Let’s see the note again.”

One of their number brought out the small piece of parchment and held it up in the middle of the group for everyone to look over.

Members of the MLS:

Time is running out. The enchantments placed on your professors are beginning to fade and their lack of attention will soon be noticed by the Ministry.

We must finish our mission.

As you have proven yourselves incapable of bringing…guests…into the castle, I have another plan which is exceedingly simple and which leaves no room for failure. I am sending an assistant to aid you; you will meet him in the kitchens and take him to McGonagall. Once you are within range, you need only say the password and my assistant will take care of the rest.

The password is “Smidgeon”.

Do not screw this up.


“So who do you suppose we’re meeting?”

“Who knows? All I see around here is a bunch of…”

A loud crack interrupted that thought as a house elf appeared right in front of them, bowing low and babbling in his squeaky voice.

“Wooble is being very pleased to meet you all! Master Malfoy is telling us all about his Little Secrets!”

The group looked at each other with resigned expressions.

Hogwarts :: Corridor :: Equala, Mafia

Equala made her way down the staircase, trying to remember where she had last seen her grey tabby. The castle was quiet at this hour; although the house elves prepared a fine spread every morning, during the holidays few bothered to drag themselves out of bed in time to enjoy it.

That was fine as far as Equala was concerned; more oatmeal for her.

It seemed one house elf was wandering about, though; was breakfast already served? A few students seemed to be in pursuit of the little creature, who she noticed was not wearing the typical Hogwarts house elf uniform which consisted of a tea towel with the school crest. In fact…was that the Malfoy seal on that pillowcase?

She looked up at the group and decided this wasn’t where she wanted to be. Apparently the group didn’t want her around anyway, as one person brandished a wand and told her to get out of the way.

“Yeah, sure thing… Smidgeon, come on kitty, let’s go…”

The reaction to this statement was immediate and alarming. The group of students regarded her with horrified expressions before they all began talking at once.

“This is getting –beyond- ridiculous!”

“Oh come on! What are the odds?”


“Hell. Let’s get out of here!”

Equala was so busy registering this strange reaction that she never noticed the house elf that had gone completely rigid in the middle of the corridor, and was still watching the group scatter when the elf began speaking.

“Wooble will elf destruct in five. Four. Three. Two. One…”

Debris fell from the ceiling as the explosion that followed shook the walls. When it was over, a grey tabby crept from behind a fallen suit of armor, meowing, and began searching the rubble for her master.


“We are so dead.”

“Well no, we’re not. She is.”

“You know what I mean! Lucius Malfoy is going to kill us!”

The group climbed out from their various hiding places to inspect the ruined hallway. Green goop that they assumed came from the house elf was splattered all over the walls, and one student looked down when they stepped on a squishy thing that turned out to be a pointed ear.

“You’re sure she’s dead?”

“Yeah, crushed by the rubble. Time to go, guys.”