Hogwarts Mafia Round 7 Lynch

Hogwarts :: Great Hall :: Lynch mob

It appeared the lynch mobs were becoming quite the nightly affair at Hogwarts, and as such many of the students felt it would be fitting to make a good showing of it. Flashing buttons were made for the victim of the day, signs were posted stating the meeting place, and some clever students made up rhymes and chants to perform while committing the deed.

It was while a group of students was busy changing a set of flashing buttons from “tall people must die” to “short people must die” that Jerele walked in, looking suspicious.

“What’s all this?”

There was a ruckus as one of the students quickly swept all of the buttons under the table.

“What’s all what?”

Jerele gave his fellow students an incredulous look and pointed around the room.

“Well those posters have my name on them…I can’t quite see, just a little too short, you know…”

Several in the group nodded knowingly at each other, though they fixed their expressions to various interesting points of the ceiling when Jerele looked their way again.

“Oh…um…we were just…planning a party for you!”

“Yeah, that’s right…it’s, um…”

“Midget – Giant Heritage Awareness Day. And, uh…”

“We’re celebrating. Your heritage. In the um…”

“Greenhouse! We’re celebrating in the greenhouse. You’d better come on, we’re going to be late!”

Jerele peered at the various nervous faces for a moment before speaking.

“You guys are –terrible- liars! You’re all trying to kill me, aren’t you?”

Seeing that Jerele wasn’t sorted into Ravenclaw for nothing, the students made various hemming and hawing noises before someone finally answered.

“Um…well…no…you see, we didn’t want to tell you, but…”

“Someone has a crush on you! And they really, really want to meet you in the greenhouse.”

Jerele was still somewhat suspicious, though he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t also just a little intrigued. It took only a little more encouragement to coax him outside and down the paths to the greenhouses, while the girls gave him snogging tips and the guys slapped him heartily on the shoulder and wished him the best of luck.

One of the others opened the door for him and he walked on through, quite curious now to meet this lovely lady.

“Alright, alright, I’m here, now where is…she…”

He turned around, observing that the others were standing a ways back. One girl had her fist in her mouth, presumably to keep from giggling, and a few others were doing their best to stifle their laughter as well. With a variety of hand gestures the group indicated that he was to walk forward, and finally he did, though now quite frankly he was getting a tad nervous about the whole thing. Were they all going to stand around and watch?

“Er, you guys could probably go now…I think I’ve got it from…aaaauuugh!”

At that moment the venomous tentacula snaked out its vines and grabbed Jerele by the arms and legs, pulling each in a different direction. He howled and screamed but to no avail; neither the group nor the mystery girl, which he suspected in his final moments did not actually exist, seemed inclined to rescue him from the man eating plant.

At least it could be said, however, that the poisonous thorns were merciful enough to put him into a deep sleep before he was neatly quartered by the strong vines. The group watching was, in some ways, less fortunate; they couldn’t seem to tear their eyes away from the mess of blood and guts that was once their classmate.

zorgoz 18 years ago