Hogwarts Mafia - Round 8 /ooc

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Xandare 18 years ago
Well it appears that one of the Mafia are very familiar with Runes, they were easily able to read the runes.
so with that in mind I found this

Name : Moctezuma Quesada
Age: 17
Appearance: dark skin, eyes, hair; flattish nose; tatooed glyphs on back of neck
Height: 5'6"
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 6
Favorite Subject: History of Magic; Ancient Runes
History: I'm a full-blooded Aztec from a family that still secretly practices the ancient Mesoamerican magical arts. My father is a Mexican senator and my mother a soap opera actress, but despite our superficial adherence to Catholicism, we truly are servants of Quetzalcóatl and his path of creation. My parents sent me to this school in the spirit of syncretism— our family has survived many centuries by adopting the best practices of each civilization it comes into contact with.
Contents of your school satchel or backpack: A curious jade stone with indeciphrable runes; a CD by Café Tacuba; a novel by Gustavo Sainz.

there was also a mention of a Ravenclaw and a female, which doesn't say much but it fits none the less.
Vudu 18 years ago
ok if you think im the mafia your wrong theres things about runes and im just a transfig and my black hoody yea i wear a black hoody im wearing one in RL right now whats got to do with anything? my cobra form..... its what i was born in year of snake why i picked cobra the spell my mom would cast on me is an old joke and i seriously doubt Mai would let me be anything but a towne on my first time
Cobert 18 years ago
Cobert 18 years ago
I want to apologize for last nights vote, and my lack of activity. Christmas time is a freetime hog.
Cobert 18 years ago
Ok a few things:

Mafia that are for sure: Droggen

So lets end this and get rid on him.

The last vote was orchastrated by mafia, so townies lets not be dumb and let them have their way ok?
Pulvani 18 years ago
I don't understand your evidence against Tonks. I'm not trying to be argumentative or play dumb, but why am I supposed to vote for her again? I just don't see it.
Cobert 18 years ago

Vote his ass off, seriously. I'm telling you how this is going to go down. Droggen is going to die tonight. He is mafia. End of story.

The lack of evidence for anything in this game, and his voting habits have made this abundantly clear. If you want I could easily bullshit some evidence, but don't make me waste my time. Vote him off.
Blackrabbit 18 years ago
Ok, well... I've posted something of this nature before, and it kinda got tossed aside. However, I will again point out the short version of why Vudu is potentially the most strongly-hinted-at mafia remaining.

1- Transfiguration
2- His own bio states his grades are poor, and there are several references to botched spells as well as one of the mafia stating from hit 1 I believe, that...
Well an owl looks like a bit of a trick according to this book and….

In the same vein, there's this, from the 4th hit on Namilah -
At a loss for something clever to cast on, what was obviously a powerful wizard in disguise, one of the others shoved their wand up the other nostril.

These are further evidence that one of the mafia is perhaps not the crunchiest cookie in the box.

3- we've all noted the references to toads in mine and Vudu's bios. Hooray yippee.

4- There's the bleedin' obvious clue from the 6th mafia hit, wherein the one spell Vudu is likely to actually cast well is paralleled because he HAS THE TOY in his satchel... the target was chased with a flying broomstick... and Vudu, miraculously, happens to have a little bitty toy broomstick that flies when controlled by his wand in his pack.

There's more against him, you can read the other /ooc thread from two days ago I think. The fact of the matter is, although I see hints pointing at other people, I don't see as much pointing to any one person as I see pointing to Vudu. I'm not saying I can't be convinced that he's innocent, or that someone else is guiltier, but I'm saying that the evidence that has been presented so far against others doesn't compare to the fact that well over half of Vudu's admittedly small bio has been touched on (in some points pounded with a 2x4) from day 1.

And I have yet to see a convincing argument to persuade me that I am wrong on these points... aside from 'the toad thing is in my bio because my mom said it once' or 'Mai wouldn't make me a townie on my first game.'

Huh... uh...... yes she would. :P
Hiejinx 18 years ago
These are my thoughts on who as Mafia is left. I think we have 3 left. If us townies can vote one of these off it would sure be helpful. Someone tell me too if Marc/Integral Prime is still alive.

From Dexter’s kill:

Only two houses are mentioned --- Ravenclaw and Gryffyndor.
Ancient Runes interesting way to get to one or two of the bios besides fit Dexter…. Monctezuma, Egon
cramp in his lifestyle; My feeling is this is possibly a point to Egon who had a jet setting mom with quite the lifestyle.
socially backward guy who thought anything outside of the library was foreign territory? This looks, and sounds like either Dante with long black hair covering his face, glaring bright blue eyes and the guy that lurks creepily or Ardy as both are definitely no stranger to a library.
Ravenclaw- We have Monctezuma, Egon, Ardy, Dante, Karina left. At least one of the 3, possibly 2 left are Ravenclaw
muggle football team in full gear. Ardy studies Muggles and Elise is into muggle study,
Gryffindor chick –Gryffindor which is Elise the beater, Uffajamaya blue hair, and me.
three headed giant dog to guard a trap door." I take this to mean 3 left.
blue glowing stones several folks have references to blue in their bios – Ardy with blue pens, Uffa with blue hair, Dante with bright blue eyes
banged against the wall – might be a reference to a beater
rusted suit of armor – smells historical to me ….. Ardy with his grandfather and historical study? Monctezuma involved in the history of his background.
signs aren't always that vague – Mod comment that the signs are less vague than they were?

David/Monctezuma – 4 points against: Runes, history, soap opera mom(theater and we missed it?) and Ravenclaw
Tor/Egon – 3 points against: Runes, jet setter mom lifestyle, Ravenclaw
Elvaiz/Illiard – 4 points against: Muggle studies, Ravenclaw, blue pens and historical studies.
Blackrabbit/Elise – 3 points against: Muggle study, Beater, Gryffyndor
Ashmore/Blake – 1 point – wand study – -1 he is Slytherin
Xandare/Dante – 6 points against: social misfit, likes library, Ravenclaw, bright blue eyes, previous use of glaring, black hair covers face so hidden (vague)
Droggen/Uffajamaya – 2 points: blue hair, Gryffyndor
Aniyah – 1 point: bookish -1 Slytherin
Pulvani/Karina – 2 points: highly organized (past kills) -1 if we got the organized 1 already, Ravenclaw
Hiejinx/Nova – 1 point: Gryffyndor,
Vudu/Steven – 1 point: remote control broom, -1 Hufflepuff

You can use or abuse my point assignments, just was how I was weighing the evidence for voting. I’m sure you can also think of other things from previous kills I didn’t weigh in on.
Pulvani 18 years ago
Someone tell me too if Marc/Integral Prime is still alive.

I can't find where he died, but he should've died by natural causes by my count.
Blackrabbit 18 years ago
He was hit by the serial killer, don't remember which. The one right before she died. #3?
Pulvani 18 years ago
Yup, just found it. Round 3 SK kill.
Hiejinx 18 years ago
Xandare 18 years ago
oooooooooook... guess I need to defend myself. seems somewhat odd that none of the clues so far have been anywhere near to describing me so you feel the need to point fingers at me..
so lets see
social misfit, likes library, Ravenclaw, bright blue eyes, previous use of glaring, black hair covers face so hidden (vague)

Social Misfit - i'll give you that.. but I don't see where you got "social misfit" from the clues.. one would think the Mafia are as social as could be, they are plotting to kill people toether after all.

Likes the library - Given his Bio, sure I'll say he likes the Library, but that is hardly what I would call proof.. besides the reference was to the female. /shrug make of it what you will..

Ravenclaw - undoubtly can't deny that..

Bright blue eyes - the coloor blue seems weak since its only used once and its given no real importance in the scene..

Previous use of Glaring - Huh? where on earth did you get that?
besides Dante doesn't glare at anyone, he's too skittish for something that openly aggressive.

Vauge - now thats what I call grasping for straws, he wears his hair in his face, so that equates him with the idea of being Vauge... I don't see it..
Hiejinx 18 years ago
Sorry Xandare, I take the glaring back -- I wrote it down from reading the mafia kill -- something about a glare but the actual glaring does NOT belong to you. My notes bled over from one line to another. That would adjust my thoughts and points accordingly. oke2 It is difficult (especially in the office) to cross match clues to the character thread--
On a separate note, I keep a white background to keep from looking so obvious in the office that I am NOT working so I have I believe put black text on a black background === sorry 'bout that.
Hiejinx 18 years ago
And um, if you are creeping people out I might peg you a bit of a social misfit
The actual line about the socially backward guy was by Dexter thinking to himself that SHE was weird to prefer some socially backward guy who thought anything outside of the library was foreign territory? That would seem to me he thought the geek she preferred was quite comfortable with books and the library. Yes, that fits quite a few people --
Cobert 18 years ago
Get rid of droggen guys. now
Vudu 18 years ago
you guys are voting wrong im not mafia im not mafia i repeat not mafia. black rabbit is wrong if you read her post it says a clever person stuck it up nami's nose. im stupid i'm failing grades and where does it mention a snake?????
Vudu 18 years ago
Vudu 18 years ago
change your votes to droggen while there is still time please i tell ya im not mafia