Hogwarts Mafia - Round 8 Voting

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David Bowles 18 years ago
Sorry I've been afk so long... had to leave town for the weekend. My vote is for Steven Hiss, more on gut feeling than anything else. Here's his profile, with certain things that catch my attention in bold:


Appearance: Short dark blond hair, Hazel eyes, tan skin. Wears a black hoodie and blue jeans

Height: 5' 7"

House: Hufflepuff

Year: 4th

Favorite Subject: Transfiguration

History: Steve is staying at school over the holidays becausehe's afraid of the spell his mother is going to cast on him when she finds out the grades he made this term so far. He thinks a howler is a much better thing to get for Christmas than to be turned into a toad. Steve can change his own shape though, he's very good at becoming a black cobra.

Contents of your school satchel or backpack: His books, Hissy the snake beanie baby, notepad, magical mini broom that is able to be flown by wand control, sunglasses, drawing pad.
Xandare 18 years ago
what exactly about that catches your attention?

I recall transfiguration references but nothing about a cobra, or any kind of Snake..
Cobert 18 years ago
David is most likely mafia, but lets keep to a plan here.

Hiejinx 18 years ago
Unless someone convinces me otherwise -- my vote Dante I am going to amend my vote to be for Ufajamaya --
Tor 18 years ago
Ufajamaya Tonks has been hitting townies in votes all game. Votes were for Simon, Angelina, Simon, Egon, Poppy, Emeraude and Jerele. Regardless of whether you feel Tonksy is Mafia or not, she's certainly lynching townies.

Combine that with...matamorph, transfig, dark history, mentions both Ravenclaw and Gryffindor in bio (if you count that as a clue), mirror. None of that is too damning, but combine that with the voting and you get a very different picture indeed.

I'm still curious why we're not lynching Moctezuma, but we can do that next round. Sure.
Blackrabbit 18 years ago
Steven Hiss
Aniyah 18 years ago
Droggen 18 years ago
Steven Hiss
Xandare 18 years ago
Voting along with Tor's calculations on the vote patterns, but I still believe that Moctezuma is Mafia.
I haven't seen any good evidence pointing at Stephen so why target him all of a sudden?

((suddenly feeling like a Marked man.. we'll see what happens))
Ashmore 18 years ago
Steven Hiss
Cobert 18 years ago
Pulvani 18 years ago
Steven Hiss
Vudu 18 years ago
Mai 18 years ago
Voting closed