Hogwarts Mafia - Round 8 Lynch

:: Hogwarts :: Corridors :: Steven Hiss and Lynch Mob ::

Steven slithered morosely through the halls back toward the Hufflepuff common room. His mother had found out about his grades at last and sent the howler to end all howlers along with a box of chocolates that he was afraid to even eat lest they be jinxed and turn him into something nasty. To make his holidays worse, the kids around the place kept dieing and now he was afraid to call any notice to himself lest they come after him too. He could have been at least enjoying his little toy broom while he was stuck here without presents but not with all this craziness going on but instead he was stuck hiding, he may be lazy but he wasn't exactly stupid.

He wasn't exactly observant either or he might have noticed the kids coming up behind him with the long magical snake handling tongs. Super sized salad forks for handling all sorts of dangerous magical snakes and while Steven wasn't exactly a magical snake capable of doing anything destructive like turning people to stone with a gaze, breathing fire or spitting venom, he did pride himself on being able to take care of himself... Normally.

As he squirmed in the tongues and glared at the group of people who had come to surround him. He remembered his care of magical creatures teacher saying that the tongs negated all magic attempts of the creature being held.. that was right before he fell asleep in class. Hah! He did learn something though, too bad it wouldn't save him. Steven reflected that it was unfortunate that there was no snake-fu and hoped they drop him sometime soon so he could change back and make a break for it.

It would seem that they planned on granting his wish; he watched bewildered as the group headed as one towards the bathroom. With evil grins, the mob held the cobra over the toilet and dropped him in. Free! Gross! Steven was about to get his surroundings and try to change back when he heard that dreaded sound.


The last thought that entered the Hufflepuff's mind as he swirled through the long, convoluted piping of Hogwarts plumbing was that he should have been a water snake and he should have paid more attention in class because then he might have thought of a way out of this mess.

((OOC: the silly snake-fu reference is because my brother is a brown belt, alas it did not save him from the swirlie of doom ))

Vudu 18 years ago
great they flushed me down a toilet how..... unoriginal
Mai 18 years ago
Behave, I know where you live.
Vudu 18 years ago
runs screaming like a dog YIP YIP YIP