Hogwarts Mafia Round 9 Voting

Cast your votes here! This thread will be closed at Midnight EST. At that time the person with the most votes will die .

Please bold the name of your vote.

If you cast your vote, and then change your mind, you may edit your post but you must not remove any information; simply make a note of your voting change and switch the bolding from your old vote to the new one.

You should only be posting once in this thread; all other discussion can go in the /ooc thread or IMs/Emails/PMs...and so on.

Xandare 17 years ago
David Bowles 17 years ago
Me? Christ, man... I dropped out of the game for two days! I'm totally clueless here.

But, hell, if you're gonna vote for me, I suggest everyone take a look at your bio, at how closely the description of Dante's mannerisms reflects Iliard's behavior in the Mafia kill scene. It's pretty freaking tentative, but given your immediate and unexplained voting for me, I've got a feeling you're Mafia, dude.

So, yeah, my vote is for Dante.
Hiejinx 17 years ago
Pulvani 17 years ago

On second thought....Moctezuma
Tor 17 years ago
Moctezuma must die.
Aniyah 17 years ago
Ashmore 17 years ago
Droggen 17 years ago
Blackrabbit 17 years ago

It's been fun.
Mai 17 years ago
Voting closed