Hogwarts Mafia Round 9 Lynch

Hogwarts :: Great Hall :: Everyone!

It was, for most students, difficult to determine if Hagrid was under the same enchantment as the rest of the students, or if he was simply drunk. The evening habits…and occasional daytime habits…of the care of magical creatures professor were not, however, the other students’ chief concern.

It was nearly Christmas, and there was no tree. Hagrid usually took care of the decorating but it seemed he was indisposed, and so the students took it upon themselves to make the castle more festive. Surprisingly enough, they worked together almost amiably to get the tree into the hall, though a few were casting suspicious glances at each other by the time the ornaments were in place. The glances turned to glares as they began directing the fairies to stand on the tree branches, until finally one in the group had an idea.

Standing behind Dante, the student spoke in an almost conversational tone.

“Those are some of the ugliest Cornish pixies I have ever seen.”

Several of the fairies, who had been busy preening and generally looking pretty and sparkly on their branches, turned to face this insult, shock and horror on their expressions. The speaker swiftly moved out of the way, leaving Dante standing there looking quite guilty. The fairies narrowed their eyes at him but eventually went back to beautifying the tree with their shiny fairy goodness.

Unfortunately the rest of the group had, by this time, caught on to the idea, and began circling around the tree, making little comments as they passed by Dante.

“Yeah, sad lot of fairies this year.”

“Oh, is that what they are? I thought they were just artificial lights.”

“Not much to look at, are they?”

With an indignant screech, the fairies as one flew up into the air and descended on Dante in an arrow formation. Dante, was, for a moment, more decorated than the Christmas tree, surrounded as he was by glowing white light. The spreading red pool around the young man’s feet was quite fitting for the season.

Finally Dante collapsed, then stilled, and at last the fairies returned to their posts with pleased expressions and bloody hands and mouths. Giggling, one of the fairies flew all the way to the top, taking the sharp, spiky star and throwing it down to rest, points down, in Dante’s forehead.

As the rest of the students went back to decorating the tree, someone began to hum deck the halls. Others joined in, and before long the Hogwarts great hall was filled with the angelic sound of children singing Christmas carols.

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