Hogwarts Mafia Epilogue

Hogwarts :: Great Hall :: Mafia

“So what did Lucius have to say?”

Maya pulled out the letter with a frown and looked to Moctezuma with a somewhat perplexed expression.

“He said everything was taken care of and we’re not to worry about it anymore. It’s a very strange letter, I must say…something about flying reindeer traveling at warp speed.”

“Let me see that.” Blake took the note from Maya’s hand and quickly read it over, confirming its contents.

“Be quiet, guys. Listen; do you hear that?”

The four students tilted up their heads, listening to what sounded very much like sleigh bells.

“I think he’s coming. We should probably get inside.”

Hogwarts :: Great Hall :: Lucius Malfoy, Everyone!

Lucius looked around at the group of student in the main hall for a moment in confusion. He could have sworn the information he had been given suggested a far larger number of children than what appeared here in the spacious room. Perhaps they were elsewhere, no matter.

He swept into the hall wearing the long red robe and fur lined cloak of Father Christmas. Being a stickler for perfection, he even had a long white beard which was making his nose itch to be quite honest about it, but at least he had not had to take a weight gaining potion like some of the poor wizards portraying Santa Claus.

Setting down the sack of toys enchanted like the trunks of the Hogwarts students so that it would hold far more than it appeared, Lucius pulled out a long piece of parchment and began at the top of the list.

"Well now let me see here... Where is Leroy Mrsic? Leroy?"

He looked around the room a few moments, frowning at the bowed heads of the students and wondered if Leroy might be in the infirmary or something. It would be necessary to visit the children in there before leaving.

"Alright then how about Alex Park?"

Grey eyes scanned the crowd and noticed that his group of helpers seemed to be looking in any other direction but him.

He reached down and pulled the Gryffindor girl named Elise closer and leaned in to peer narrowly at her.

"Where is Alex Park?"

The girl's eyes grew wide but finally she shouted.

"He's dead! You... You wanted to come in here to bring us toys?!?!"

Lucius pushed the girl away and looked to the others to confirm her story, their downcast eyes proved that she spoke the truth. Standing up to his full height and breathing in carefully through his nose in an effort to remain dignified, he stared down at her without expression.

"Let me see if I understand you correctly. You killed him and you thought I would have wanted you to do it?"

Elise opened and closed her mouth a few times in an effort to speak, but Moctezuma finally stepped in for her.

“Yes, we bloody well did! Hello? You’re a death eater, isn’t that what you do?”

Lucius gave an injured sniff before rather haughtily replying. “Honestly. Stop living in the past! I have reformed; as you can see I am a changed man.” Tilting his chin up to regard the ceiling, he added, almost absently. “And really. Killing children? How very trite.” He crossed his arms over his chest. “I am most displeased.”

Maya made a sharp huffing noise and stepped forward, stamping one foot. “Oh, -you’re- displeased! Well isn’t that rich! What about all of those letters? And the enchantment you put on the teachers? And the potion, and the exploding house elf for crying out loud?”

Lucius fixed Maya with his most unimpressed expression and spoke slowly, as though to a very stupid child. Which, he realized, was essentially what he was dealing with. “Well of –course- I enlisted your help! I may have reformed, but I can hardly expect McGonagall to believe that and I needed assistance to step foot into the castle. And if the tone of my letters were abrupt, well…old habits die hard. As for the enchantment, I didn’t do anything outside the bounds of the law. The enchantment wore off the moment I finally stepped foot inside the castle; I simply needed the staff to be a bit less attentive than usual and that charm had the added benefit of making them nice and cheerful for the holiday season.”

With a long suffering sigh, he continued in his explanation. “The potion was –supposed- to make the drinker invisible; instead you brewed a deadly poison. And as for the house elf…wait…Wooble? Where’s Wooble? What do you mean, ‘exploding house elf’?”

Malfoy paused in thought before hissing a name while looking at no one in particular.

"Doobie! Doobie get here this instant!"

There was a loud crack and another house elf with the Malfoy seal on his pillow case stood looking up at Lucius with a sleepy expression on his face.

"Master is wanting some munchies? Doobie is thinking munchies would be good right now."

Lucius glared down at the creature with barely veiled impatience.

"-What- did you tell Wooble about my orders?"

The house elf stared up at the ceiling for a moment as if he had just been asked a complex arithmancy equation or to explain the meaning of life. Finally he nodded and said.

"Doobie is telling Wooble that Master wants Professor MacGonagall to go bang. Wooble is to meet childrens in the kitchens."

Here he turned to wave at the group of kids in front of Lucius. "They not looking much like Christmas helpers..."

Lucius placed a hand firmly on the bridge of his nose and pressed in hopes that it would clear his vision of the incompetence in front of him. Finally he said.

"I told you to send Wooble with a sleeping drought so potent that it would cause her to fall asleep quickly enough that her head would hit her desk with a bang...You are dismissed."

"Master is wanting Doobie to be getting the munchies now?"

Lucius sighed. "No, he is not."

"Oh" Doobie sighed sadly and left with a crack

The group of students looked to each other with somewhat dazed expressions before Blake rather nervously chuckled, his head down.

“Well, now…er…I guess that explains everything then. This was all just a big misunderstanding…go figure…these things happen…”

The remaining innocent students glared at the four murderers as Blake’s speech trailed off into mumbles. It was Egon who broke the heavy silence.

“Of all the dirty rotten little…you! I saw you on the map, I knew you were up to something! We should have killed you when we had the chance!”

With that, Egon lunged at Moctezuma, too furious to think of using curses and instead coming at his opponent with fists swinging. Moctezuma had no such qualms and sent a jelly legs curse Egon’s way, but by this point the other innocents had joined in the attack. Karina grabbed Elise by the hair, screeching obscenities, while Aniyah went straight for Blake, wailing about the shame he had brought to their house. Nova went straight for Maya, delivering a sharp kick to her shins, and the fight was on.

Lucius took a step back as the eight remaining students wrestled each other to the ground, morphing into a pile of flying limbs and writhing bodies.

He sneered.


Elise picked herself off the ground and offered a hand to Blake while Moctezuma did the same for Maya. With an arrogant toss of her hair, she stepped carelessly over the bodies of their fallen enemies, not bothering to avoid fingers and trampling directly on Egon’s head before coming to a stop in front of Lucius.

Lucius, it seemed, was less than thrilled, and even with his Santa beard he still looked quite intimidating. He spoke in a haughty voice as he turned to leave.

“That’s it! No Christmas presents for you lot!”

He walked toward the front doors, his shoes clicking on the stone floor, but looked over his shoulder one last time before he made his exit.

“I should have known better than to trust a bunch of murderous little shits.”

As the door slammed close, Elise spoke, weakly.

“We’re not Murderous Little Shits. We’re Malfoy’s Little Secret.”

Droggen 18 years ago
go go mafia !
Vulash 18 years ago
Oh you were playing?
David Bowles 18 years ago
Hey, don't knock a strategy that works, bro...
ROzbeans 18 years ago
HAHA good ending!
pooka 18 years ago
Ashmore 18 years ago
Great story!!!
thank you very much!!
Tor 18 years ago
Indeed. Well played, Mafia!
Den 18 years ago
Loads of fun, great story - very entertaining, and a nice introduction into the mafia world!
Thanks all.
Vulash 18 years ago
I find the strategy of "not playing" highly annoying and boring for everyone else involved. As a townie - you have 32 people playing, most with super short bios - alot of overlapping info, then only like 7 or 8 people actually "play". Yea pretty impossible, and extremely unfun - no point in me pretending otherwise.

I'm not a sore loser - I've lost every game I've played (all as townie) except when I was SK - I didn't mind then as I was totally fooled by some people, and it was awesome, and a blast. This game I was excited when I died. Either people were being pissy and going off on me or others, or the mafia simply never played the game (except Just Erin and BR - thanks!).

This was my coming out of retirement game to see how it still was - I guess now I know. Don't expect me for the next game. Grats on winning though!
Vulash 18 years ago
OH - Kickass stories though mods! I'm not being sarcastic there Very well written and fun to read.
Cobert 18 years ago
Yeah, inactivity bites. I really enjoy a game of active deception, but oh well. (Bios that are short and really say nothing are also lame).

What I did not enjoy however, was that unlike previous mafia games, the sheer amount material in bios, and the nature of the clues made this really fucking hard.
Blackrabbit 18 years ago
YW. I'll be happy to kill you off anytime. You made me sweat a lot. :P
Den 18 years ago
Well, I know I didn't play much, but when you don't really understand what's going on it's very difficult. Unfortunately, that's really the only way a person can learn, by taking it slow. And even though I still don't get it all, at least I have a better idea of how the clues are made up and what to look for there. Seeing it all from the mafia side helped too.
Droggen 18 years ago
Well, I know I didn't play much, but when you don't really understand what's going on it's very difficult. Unfortunately, that's really the only way a person can learn, by taking it slow. And even though I still don't get it all, at least I have a better idea of how the clues are made up and what to look for there. Seeing it all from the mafia side helped too.

Must agree with Shay on this one. Seems a bit odd though i remember a vulash in EQ who more understanding of people who were unsure. but personal stories aside life sucks too much for me to play a mafia game, running my own business and continuing to work a semi full time job on the side to secure things just is not conducive to playing. If the game is still around in maybe a few months ill be more active and able to play. but as things are now no way in hell can i ever keep active nor will i join another game until i can do so
Vulash 18 years ago
Actually I had assumed it was more of a tactic on your part. I mean it works, it just kind of ruins the game for the townies - especially in one of this type. For new people also - the game really doesn't live up to it's fun potential unless you just jump right in. The only rule you need to know is "lie".
Den 18 years ago
Jumping right in is a good sentiment, but doesn't work for me if I don't know what I'm doing. At least when I went sky diving I had a half day of lessons first. With mafia you seem to learn as you go along...thus, the more I saw what was going on the more I played.
Droggen 18 years ago
Haha Vulash if i told you who my original main in EQ was you would know that i don't know how to shut up. Basically the reason i got booted from triadica was for standing up to karnahs mangina ass in GC which wasn't a smart thing to do.

Wish i had 100% thought of the idea to be a lay low mafia. But i didn't really see a point in posting more evidence after everyone pointed out what i saw in the kills/bios as i normally voted around 8-12pm after everyone had fun with the bio being 5 hours behind