Hogwarts Mafia - The Clues

These were my clues after going back through and looking at the write ups. I have probably missed some, I should really write them down at the time but this is a pretty full list.

My Clues:

Round 1

The bit with the wand - Voldemort was quite pleased with Namilah's wand because it had a Phoenix feather core like his own.

The numerous mentions of the colour of the killing curse,green - Namilah was Slytherin

Ragamuffin - Namilah being of noble birth would have seen his clothes as pretty pathetic

Simply staring at the ball a moment before picking it up - She has in her bio that she rarely carried her own books so she's not used to having to pick things up for herself.

Round 2 SK hit

The SK did not pay attention to the snowball fight - because she's a snotty Slytherin who thought it was beneath her.

The fact that apparation was a consideration - Namilah was 17 and might already know how to apparate but certainly Voldemort could as well.

A machette flew into the air - Namilah was a quidditch player with air abilities.

She did not bother to pursue him because it was beneath her to chase him down

winged through the air - another air reference

The amulet was knocked off for several reasons - couldn't have Lord V running around with a thestral and to show more clearly that the SK was possessed. (hard to do when her personality and Lord Voldemort's are similar ) Not a clue just clarification

Round 3 Mafia Hit

I told you that won't work. Its' been tried before." said one in exasperation. - David's character who studied history of magic.

"Well He could just come up here and do it himself then." - A rather cheeky response made by one those with a spunky attitude

The potion made six doses - there were six mafia

The person(s) nicking supplies - one of the two metamorphmagi

dear old Nanny Nasturtium - Nasturtium is a flower name like Poppy

pale blue flowers - blue like Tonk's hair and flowers like Poppy

The mirror - Allison had one and so did Tonks

Allison's musical voice - Slipnish's character had an Ipawd, and David's had a CD

The recognition of the herb and the guiding of the potion recipe - Slipnish's character which had both skills

The enthusiastic leap for the pot - Poppy had an energy potion on her

Tossed into the air - There were Quidditch players on the mafia

Wide enough to catch flies - The toad references in Elise's bio

purple stains marking her once lovely face - marks like tattoos which David's character had

Round 4 mafia hit

In the past all of their schemes involved magic - Someone studying history of magic

The person who got the password and was standing "right there" - one of the metamorphmagi

Pushing up daisies - Poppy

"No, just you, now stop the theatrics and lets get to the gate." - David's mother was a Soap Opera star

Namilah's eyes sparkled like precious stones in the green light - Like the piece of jade in David's character's backpack

"No!!! Mr Malfoy is too cute to die!" - Obviously some of the mafia were girls but none of them were on familiar enough terms with him to call him Lucius to his face, a clue that none of the mafia was Rorri

The first wand stuck up poor Nami's nose by accident - Emeraude

Grawp wanting food and references to dinner - Poppy of the cooking skillz

Round 6 Mafia Hit

it was as if they were somewhere else and not really here at all. It was becoming far too cold for her to stay out here any longer, and though she had come to enjoy the freedom Hogwarts had offered her, she was now wishing for her school back home in France, it was safe and so its slightly warmer weather seeming almost balmy and by comparison. - Her continued thoughts on being somewhere else and being a foreigner was a clue that there was a foreigner in the group - David's character, specifically from somewhere warmer than England

Seemed almost balmy by comparison - Emeraude

"I've been looking into things and I think I've got a plan." - Someone with Ancient Runes who could study them for a new plan.

The mention of the rat spell again - The people with Transfiguration

One of the group said something and gave a smart flick of their wand and pointed it towards Raven's broom. The blonde was so startled when it moved that she dropped it. The broom then began to dance a bit, hopping around the French student in a display of talent and creativity. - This would be a charm which Emeraude was best at, also the smart flick of the wand was a clue to the Ravenclaw prefect as well.

drew a circle in the air - Air, quidditch players

Round 8 Mafia Hit

guy who thought anything outside of the library was foreign territory? - David's character was foreign and a ravenclaw so either way going outside of the library was foreign territory

people storming up the stairs sounding like a muggle football team in full gear. - reference to Elise who had knowledge of muggles in her bio.

not totally flirting with that Gryffindor chick in the second row.- At least one mafia was a gryffindor of the ones still left (in fact several were)

circle of blue glowing stones - more blue like Tonks hair, more stones like the other person who studies ancient runes and who has a jade stone in his backpack.

"Well, well, all alone? I am truly surprised." - Someone who obviously knew Dexter, because they were in the same house AND the same Ancient Runes class

picked up a mace from the hands of a rusted suit of armor and chucked it straight at his head. - This would be the beater, Elise who was athletic enough to toss something and be sure to hit him, as a beater she would have good aim...and a mace which essentially looks similar to a bat but with a ball on the end.

The group stepped over the bloody corpse and looked down at the runes.

"Hmm guess sometimes the signs aren't always that vague after all." - Someone who knew how to read the runes that were laid out on the floor, again David's character

Blackrabbit 17 years ago
Wow, I interpreted a lot of those clues differently than they were meant!
Mai 17 years ago
Yep, that happens.