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Mafia secrets revealed!


ROzbeans 18 years ago
Wait, hey Erin, can you help me...there's this...KNIFE IN MY BACK!
Just Erin 18 years ago
Hahaha, you like that? *snicker*

I love you, Roz!
ROzbeans 18 years ago
I feel kinda low. I lied to her and told her I was a townie, and she told me she was the doctor!

What the hell, it's a game. Roz and I are friends so hopefully she'll just laugh because it's all about playing the game.

Quote:ROzBeans: i'm thinking i'm going to vote for angelina tonight
EjWebWitch: I was thinking her or Dexter
ROzBeans: vulash...yeah he's on my radar
ROzBeans: although someone else said they think blackrabbit is the god father
ROzBeans: and she's talking to me now
EjWebWitch: I need to read things again, things are starting to run together.
EjWebWitch: who said blackrabbit?
EjWebWitch: that doesn't make sense
ROzBeans: well, it does kind of.
ROzBeans: blackrabbit is a vet and jinheim being killed early is smart
ROzBeans: jinheim is a sneaky fucker and smart
ROzBeans: if they didn't off jinheim early, he'd figure out who the mafia were, he usually does
ROzBeans: so with him out, it's crippling but it points to someone who's played before, definitely a vet and BR has played and won as the doctor

/keels over and dies from knife

GET A DOCTOR! Oh wait, I WAS THE DOCTOR!!! /tackles erin!

Seriously I had a blast. Part of me wondered if she wasn't mafia but when it all came out, I was rolling! Good game, you played like a pro, Erin!