Thirty Seconds - a poem

Thirty seconds came and went,
But I got to see your smile
"Hold on, talk to me" you said
"Before you drive your mile."

"We don't talk so much"
This I know is true
It's because of work and such
And the things you have to do

Thirty seconds is all I have
When the line you must enforce
Commercial consumerism
Money and Cash register sports

You laughed at that, smile wide
"But why just seconds thirty?"
The response that spilled melted
And could have been thought dirty

But if you want to talk, I offered
Here's an option just for you
We can talk for more minutes numbered
Than singles or ones and two

With nod and smile you did me favor
Then you cooed, "Ooooo ooooo ooo!"
At your leisure we'd talk, I'd wager
And I bid good day to you.