I Knew What You'd Say - a poem

I knew what you were going to say
When you asked me to stop and wait
The pressure was heavy on my chest
And for work I knew I'd be late

I stood by as you processed the line
And I was completely scared to death
But wait, maybe everything isn't fine
As I paused for you I held my breath

When a break came, smiling, you turned
With your smile shining bright
I felt my retinas might be burned
But it would be okay and all right

Paper scribbled ballpoint pen
You handed me the tiny slip
"Call me soon, call me somewhen"
I handed you mine, I almost tripped

I felt my face break a smile
As the weight did disappear
As I drove to work that mile
I wanted to yell holler and cheer

Memorized before touching my hand
It passed into mine from yours
I tried to leave with dignity
But walked into the doors

I heard you giggle, I know I smirked
I made it safely to the car
Buckled in, numbers floated 'round
Shining light and free, like stars.