Fluffy Came Home after Tornado... a year later


Cat That Disappeared In 2004 Tornado Returns Home To Hallam

POSTED: 12:16 pm CST January 8, 2006
UPDATED: 12:33 pm CST January 8, 2006
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HALLAM, Neb. -- The Tighe family had long ago written off Harley the cat as dead.

Harley was 8 years old when he went missing. He disappeared in a May 22, 2004, tornado.

Sue Tighe said even if Harley had survived the storm, which claimed the Tighe home, she didn't think he'd find anyone willing to take care of him because he wasn't a very nice cat

Somehow, though, Harley made it. On Monday, he came home.

Tighe's grown daughter Samantha Tighe saw a big orange-and-white tabby cat at the edge of the yard. She called his name.

The cat ran to her, meowing the chirpy meow she remembered.

"As soon as he started running and meowing, I knew it was him," the girl said.

Harley came back in remarkably good health, according to the Crete veterinarian who treated Harley after his return. The only problem seemed to be earmites.

Jeremiah Vondra, the veterinarian, said he thinks Harley used up his nine lives.

Xandare 18 years ago
the cats too mean to die..
Just Erin 18 years ago
That's not the first story I've heard like that. I read a story once about a family who moved all the way across the country and allowed one of their neighbors to adopt their cat before they moved.

Close to a year later the cat showed up at the new family home ... on the other side of the country.
Prosecution 18 years ago
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