New Pic of Zaura

Bleh, I thought I just posted this correctly but I put it in the wrong forum, and I welcome anyone who can delete the one I put in the wrong place to do that. :P Sorry -- worked all night and still have not gotten to bed yet. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it.

This is kinda blurry because it was taken with a camera phone and I think it was a bit too close, but this pic looks more like me than any other pic I have had in a long time (no, I am not blurry irl -- not physically, anyway). Oh, and for some reason, my eyes look blue in this pic, but they are actually green.

ROzbeans 18 years ago
Zaura! Where ya been??!!! You look great! /hug
zaura 18 years ago
Hugs, sweetie! I have been working like crazy, chasing after my 5 insane and hyperactive kids, and trying to keep up with the pace of my much too hectic real life. I am SOOOO happy that the kids are back in school after the holidays, though. Oh, and I let my 18 year old daughter move back in with us, so that should be tons of fun, sigh.

I missed you guys, and I hope your holidays were just wonderful.