You Stood Me Up - a poem

The day was poor, but promise filled the night
The breeze was chill and the rain fell light
Plans were made, time was agreed and set
I didn't mind getting a bit chilly and wet

Dressed all crisp and clean, washed and scented
I felt so high like my shirt was a tux I'd rented
I'd planned to meet you for dinner, maybe more
The agreed-upon hour was half-past-four.

I called you ninety minutes early, in case
To say where we should be, at the same place
I started the car, let it begin to warm
And then at four I drove out into the storm

Quarter past when I parked my clock did show
Then into the restaurant I decided to go
For sitting in the car, waiting to see you
Didn't work, windows fogged, blocked my view

"Would you like a table, sir" the host offered quick
No thanks, waiting for my date, at the front I will stick
He set aside a table, just for me and you
And I waited by the door, hoping to catch a view

The diners became many as the time ticked on past
The host informed me the table was needed, I'm last
I called you from outside, standing in the rain
Waiting almost an hour, feeling embarassed pain

I stood in the hall, people came, ate and went
Leaning against the wall, smiling dressed gent.
I'm sure I looked pretty sad, standing alone
When I decided to check the time on my phone

A quarter til six read the clock built in
I gave a shrug, realizing I didn't win
The game that is dating, I knew I had lost
So into the trash the menu I tossed

Ninety minutes for you, alone I waited
Drink unquenched, hunger unabated
But your company I wanted, mostly of all
Why oh why couldn't you just call?

Alone, no date ended, I drove home that night
Stopped for chinese buffet near a red light
Tried not to dwell as I emptied my soda cup
On how painful it was that you stood me up.

Den 18 years ago
Awww...that sucks...well put though