Alter Ego

ROzbeans 18 years ago
How'd I miss this? Cute picture, Shay! =D
Blackrabbit 18 years ago
You have lovely eyes.
zaura 18 years ago
You look just adorable!
Den 18 years ago
Aw. Thanks guys. You're too kind.
Dia 18 years ago
shay picture! hi rlshay! you look adorable!

i also think you resemble wynonna judd in a good way! cuz i think shes pretty!
Den 18 years ago

OMG! You are so right! GAH!!!!!
*runs off to suck on the exhuast*

(lol -I see a resemblance, though it would have been preferable to have resembled Ashley...oh well.)
Dia 18 years ago

what did you type in mugshot?!!!!!!!!!!
i was actually thinking of the picture of her from the book i just bought my mom!
Den 18 years ago
lol -- sorry, yes, that was her mugshot, but truly...I do see some resemblance...and if you saw me without makeup you'd see more too! No use hiding from the truth!