Where's Prego?

No word from Gilae in the past few days ...

Little Bard here yet?

ROzbeans 18 years ago

I called and left a message asking, 'DID YOU POP? HUH?'
Anulien 18 years ago
She called me for my bday, the little shit hadn't come out yet. She is supposed to be induced tonight. Ruthie failed me. ONE DAY TOO LATE, NICE TRY BUT YOU FAILED.
Mirabela 18 years ago
Gilae: no not yet...i'm going into get induced tonight though so tomorrow there will be
me: yay!!!
Gilae: i called anulien yesterday to wish him a happy birthday and told him to tell everybody
Gilae: but yeah i get babyfied tomorrow so pictures incoming soon
Gilae: if you could post on tac and hof boards that would be swell
me: i will!
ROzbeans 18 years ago
!!! Any news?
Mirabela 18 years ago
Nothing yet!
ROzbeans 18 years ago
They admitted me in the afternoon too and I didnt pop for 16 hrs. =x /fingers crossed for her.
Addi 18 years ago
36 hours after i was admitted they finally did a c section so it can be awhile. Especially if shes anything like I was where I was all about doing it natural...well the first 30 hours anyways, after my 2nd dose of the shit to induce labor and them breaking my water I was all about who had the drugs.
Gilae 18 years ago

So Mike was clever and scored us a laptop with wireless internet access so I'm currently in the hospital and hooked up to baby monitors and contraction monitrors and IV. We're just that cool.

OW OW OW OW OW. Contraction...talk amongst yourself...I'll give you a topic...the industrial revolution wasn either industrial nor revolutionary...discuss.

Ok I'm better now. At any rate they gave me the stuff that's supposed to start things going...and things haven't been going very quickly. I've been at the hospital since 11 pm last night and it's 4 pm the next day. The doctor MAY be able to break my water sometime this evening and it MIGHT work out that as a result he is born today. If not, looks like I'm going to have to be here at this for another night. It started to hurt pretty bad for a bit so they gave me some drugs through the IV (not the epidural) and man I was loopy for a couple hours. I started seeing little plasterscine men dancing. Good stuff drugs.

Hope y'all are having more exciting days then me!
ROzbeans 18 years ago
TAKE PICTURES but not of the delivery. =x I had a friend's husband doing that and honestly...the vagina isn't pretty to begin with, but with a kid coming out its worse.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!
Linus 18 years ago
honestly...the vagina isn't pretty to begin with,
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

Bite your tongue.
Addi 18 years ago
sounds extremely familiar....cept i didnt see plastercine men dancing i saw fonzie on a motorcycle...crazy drugs!!!
Sarah 18 years ago
Wee! *prays for baby to come soon*

Those drugs are fun, but the epidural drugs are better. (I slept through my hard labor, they had to wake me up so I could push *snerk*)
Prosecution 18 years ago
MgCL for the win!!!!
Lolanae 18 years ago
Any word from preggo today?
immy 18 years ago
*hugs* Hope everything comes out okay! *snickers at her own sorry joke*
Seriously though, I hope everything goes as smooth as possible for you and the wee babe.
Adiene 18 years ago
wuwu *huggles* post pictures as soon as ya can. Hope everything went super for you

btw "I'll give you a topic...the industrial revolution wasn either industrial nor revolutionary...discuss."

Those where the good SNL! *daydeams and chuckles toherself*
Prosecution 18 years ago
Is it bad that when I first read this thread I thought of spagetti?

This thread still makes me hungry.
Lolanae 18 years ago
Nope. My husband said he is going to call me Ragu when I get pregnant. lol.
Temprah 18 years ago
damnit now you people have me wanting spaghetti!
ROzbeans 18 years ago
She's HAD to have had the baby by now. =/