not only am I a genius...

...I'm hot.

not to mention humble! why don't girls love me?

Vulash 18 years ago
I love you
Draegloth 18 years ago
do you have boobies?
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Did you ask any random girls out yet?
zaura 18 years ago
I already knew you were intelligent and good looking, but this humility thing comes as one hell of a shock!
Draegloth 18 years ago
Did you ask any random girls out yet?

Mirabela 18 years ago
i thought you were seeing that chick
Draegloth 18 years ago
Not really, no.

That all fell apart now that she's feeling better and we are back from florida.

Draegloth 18 years ago
this is some sort of statistical anomaly, and it will not last, so I had to SS it. =P

dirtle 18 years ago
haha hot or not, the true judge of whos sexy on src
Draegloth 18 years ago
I've been turning to the internet for salvation for the last week or so since I finalized the cut off with the chick.. it hasn't been working, but I haven't killed anyone either so I guess it's good enough.