Freehand Free Time Project - Cel Coloring

TAC.COM presents the first in a series of tutorials for our Freehand photoshop artists. For this challenge we are using NeonDragonArt coloring book and her Cel shading Tutorial. She does have restrictions and copyright requirements, so please read them and adhere to her policy.


Here is a selection of line art that you may color for practice or personal enjoyment. This lineart is oversized, usually at around 100-150dpi. Save it to your computer to print out and color by hand, or import it into a program like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Painter, or Open Canvas to color.

If you would like to post the colored artwork on your personal website, that is fine. Please leave the logo intact. If you remove it, you must place a link back to somewhere near the image as being the source of the work. Do not enter the colored work into contests, publish it, or use it for career advancement please. These drawings are for practice and personal use only.

Choose a piece from her coloring book located at .

The following is her tutorial for Cel Shading found at .

Challenge: Use's tutorial to try your hand at Cel Shading.
Due: Feb 1st
Restrictions: We just ask that you credit your sources; ie. Photoshop, Poser, etc and any images to their original owner/creator if it is not your work.
Theme: Choose a piece of artwork from

Any questions, feel free to contact me, Vex or Eve. =D Enjoy!

Blackrabbit 17 years ago
Here's my attempt. I think it's probably too big to post here.

Link here

It needs to be expanded to full size to get rid of some of the pixellaton. And sketch stock from of course. Oh, and everything was done in photoshop.

Anyhow, here's the actual pic, feel free to get rid of it if it's too darn big.

Den 17 years ago
Ohhh! Very niiiiiiiiiiiice. Love the pretty gradient background, and the colors are great!
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Beautiful job, B!!!
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
Thanks. I thought it came out ok... although it took me a stupid-long time to figure out how to use photoshop.

And by use photoshop I mean, use different sized airbrushes. :P

I found the tutorial very helpful on the first page, but not so hot on the second. Maybe someone with more artistic experience would find it better, but as a first-timer it got a bit confusing at that point.
Tor 17 years ago
Here's my crappy contribution! Feel better, everyone, about your own stuffs! :P (mostly posting this to shut teh bunnuh up) I do second the bit she mentioned above on page two. I kinda felt like I had all of the tools before me, but none of them were labeled. Oh, used free trial photoshop and the background is Jupiter coming through the aurora. It was from originally, iirc.

ROzbeans 17 years ago
!!!!!!!!! Great job Tor! You guys did an awesome job on these. I gotta try this tonight =x
Verileah 17 years ago

Blackrabbit 17 years ago
Oh cute, Billie!
Den 17 years ago
Ohhh! All you guys color so well...and do a great job on shading!
Tor 17 years ago
They did the hard ones - I cheated and used the drawing with the most guidelines and I STILL messed up. :P

Good show on those wings and leaf, ladies! /kneel
Den 17 years ago
Get outta here Tor...your's looks just as good. The shading on your face was done really well. You all did really nice work.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Oh stop Tor, it looks great! Billie's little fairy is adorable! Thanks for giving this a try you guys. We're leaving this up so anyone else can continue to play with the tutorial =)
Viriu 17 years ago
Here's my attempt, this is the first time I have ever done something like that, hope it looks ok.

ROzbeans 17 years ago
Ooooooooh very cool, Viriu!!! The green is beautiful.