Pre-Rejection - a poem

You were the first to send the message
Via Instant I responded back to you
You asked me questions, strange I found
But answers I gave, not the runaround

You asked me about mushy romance
I answered honestly in due course
You asked me about sex-type stuff
But then I fell off the "good answer" horse

So what if it's been seven years
That I can count since my last
Would it surprise you at all to know
That my last was also my first?

Problems with intimacy you think I have
but my explanation you do not take
Instead wild assumptions form
And an ass of yourself you did make

Sex doesn't come easy for me
Because each time it's been painful
Whether it was bad to worse
Or declined before it was unchangable

You made me mad with your pre-rejection
Without trying to get to know me
I think you yourself need deep introspection
And the sex? Forget it, you can blow me.

You'll never know what you could have had
You shot me down too quick
So now I'm mad, and you've erased my name
And you'll never get any of my dick.

Mai 18 years ago
Wow I'm sorry it didn't go well. Being judgemental about sex is crazy. Its not an experience that is the same for any two people, even the two people involved in it at the time so its impossible to judge someone's else's experience with it and how it has affected them.

Whoever it was it sounds like they need to just listen a little more and talk a lot less.