Feeling Brave...

Howdy, Ya'll!!

Well, to make a long story short (yeah, right), I tripped over SA a while back and am working my way in over there and for some strange reason, they keep linking to here... (go figure). So being the ever so brave personage I am, and having gotten back into Poser after a yearlong hiatus, not to mention all those TAC ads over at SA... here I am.

I have a laundry list of RP charries floating around (Kia, Fiona, and Khris would be the main ones, though there are more than a few others I have to track down on occasion), and also go by Garnett in the dolling forums (though it wouldn't let me use that one here *pout* ~ someone stole it ~ does that qualify as Identity Theft??? though why anyone would want to be me is beyond my comprehension....).

I have an 11th month old munchkin running around underfoot (and I do mean running. He skipped walking somehow about 2 months ago), am a full time student and am currently looking for work, since my company was forced to lay off 99% of it's employees 3 days before Christmas... and I am way too old for that crap, lemme tell ya.

But enough about me... *grin*

Blackrabbit 18 years ago
Hi and welcome and stuff. I'm Aishe over there at SA... and I only do art that comes in boxes marked 'ages 6 and under' but they let me hang out here anyhow because of my sparkling personality, cutting wit, and ability to tie cherry stems in knots with my tongue.

Or something.

Nice to have ya.
Den 18 years ago
Hiya hun -
Nice to see you here too!
FyreGarnett 18 years ago
and ability to tie cherry stems in knots with my tongue.

oo oo oo *waves hand in air*

I can do that!!!

(It's kinda sad though ~ I learned to do that when i was about 8-9 in the bar of the Shee Atika Hotel in Sitka AK. The sad part was that they'd only serve me Shirley Temples *pout*)

Hola Guys!
Mileron 18 years ago

More Texans!

Sarah 18 years ago
Careful, Mileron is all about getting his harem set up before moving to Texas.


Ok, yeah, Welcome!
ROzbeans 18 years ago
HUHU! I'm Ellis and Simon over on SA =D I saw Garnett registered here, I thought that was you =x Anyhoo, welcome =)
Adiene 18 years ago
wuwuwu more peoples!!!! Wi there !!
FyreGarnett 18 years ago
Thankee much all!!

as a side note ~ harem? would need ALOT more details before agreeing to anysuch thing...