Valentines Night Elves ^_^

This is for NS' Valentines Crush exchange - first time tryin to do a lot of things but I <3 it.

Happy Valentines Day!

Adiene 18 years ago
I think they turned out lovely hun, Great job =D I <3 all the purdy colors
Nektar 18 years ago
I love the completementing colour contrast between hair and skin tones. Very yin-yang-like. A++
Vex 18 years ago
was this done in photoshop/painter? It looks very much like something you'd see done on regular canvas. Very nice job.
Starry 18 years ago
Thanks guys!

Vex: it was photoshop, sorry forgot to say that. ^_^ Im really pleased with how much texture was possible in psd, without all the bugs and lag of painter. =)
Maeya 18 years ago
I saw this over on NS in the exchange thread and admired the hair very much. I love all the colors you used in it.
FyreGarnett 18 years ago
man, i wish i could do that!! awesome work! color scheme is wonderful!
Starry 18 years ago
Thanks guys! I just realized this is totally in the wrong forum, sorry >_<
Vex 18 years ago
its photoshop/2d =) not just a manip forum!
ROzbeans 18 years ago
How'd I forget to post on this =( Starry it's beautiful. I love the detailing and you captured the 'aw, CUTE' feeling perfectly =D
Starry 18 years ago
Aw thanks guys!

Yeah Im still happy with this one, just stuck in the "move" cycle and havent had anychance for art! ^^