Bond Mafia Character Thread

The scenario is this. You are one of your country's top secret agents and you've been sent on this cooperative mission with British Intelligence. Your country has warned you that there might be double agents on this mission, in fact the possibility is very likely. Be careful who you trust.

Weapon (be descriptive):
Q-type Item, min=3, max=6 (be descriptive):

Please be descriptive on the weapons and Q-type items as "shoe gadget" and "dynamic belly ring" are not that helpful. Also remember this is a toy conference so your history should reflect why your alias would be there.

edit: I forgot to include a line for physical appearance in the bio. The line has been added and PM's were sent to those who have already posted their bios or place holders.

Rae 18 years ago
NPC Character:

Name: James Bond
Country: United Kingdom
Alias: Investment Banker, First Bank of England
Weapon (be descriptive): Walther PPK - Stainless steel. Various small scratches can be found on the grip and barrel, reminders of past adventures.

Q-type Item, min=3, max=6 (be descriptive):

Laser Pen: Looks like your standard silver ball point pen. Writes like your standard ball point pen too. Turn the tip two clicks to the right, press the top, and the pen emits a laser capable of melting through 3.5 inches of steel with ease.

Remote Detonator Watch and explosive links: Classic stainless steel watch, multi time zone watch. One of the dials on the left is actually false. The false dial extends to become an antennae. Removable backs on the links become explosives when detonated by the watch. To detonate, rotate the decorative circle on the face two clicks to the right and one to the left, then press the time set button.

Grappling Hook Belt: By all appearances it is a stylish black leather belt with a faux antique brass buckle. It is very fashionable and does an excellent job of holding up one’s pants. If you removed the belt and aim the buckle at the target, you can press the sides of the buckle to trigger detachment. Attached to the detachable buckle is a thin specially treated steel wire capable of supporting up to 500 lbs. Once the buckle has locked around the target, a gentle tug in the opposite direction will initiate the retraction feature, bringing you rapidly to your target. Do be careful though, this item is technically still in the testing phase.


James Bond has been the top agent for the United Kingdom for several years. He has overcome such overwhelming obstacles as ice cap melting satellites, psychos determined to rule the world, and psychos with bullets in their brains. He has also managed to conquer more than a few women. With names like Honey, Pussy, Plenty, Goodnight, and Goodhead how could you resist. All in all, James Bond has had a full career.

The real problem for James isn’t his past. No, he is quite proud of that. Did we mention Octopussy, Onatopp, and Christmas? The problem for Bond is time. He is getting older and the new M does not think he can handle the life of a secret agent. This case may be his one and only chance to prove her wrong. Once again he was playing the role of an investment banker. Only this time his 'clients' were looking to invest in the hottest toys planned for release during the next holiday season. He has cleared his name from worse slights and survived torture in a Korean prison, surely he could handle whatever this toy caper has to offer.
Den 18 years ago
Brecklyn "BB" Bridj


Appearance: 5' 11", with most of her height in her legs. Very 'soft' looking, not muscular at all, but has strength in her arms that is belied by her looks. On the slender looking side...not terribly voluptuous, but has a very tiny waist, which makes her look a lot more lush than she really is. Pale blond hair that reaches the tops of her butt cheeks, when unbound, but almost always worn in a clasp pulled tight at the base of her neck.

Hair/Makeup Stylist to the stars

Weapon (be descriptive):
Makora Fire Ant switchblade, she wears strapped to her right wrist, and hidden by her jacket or long sleeved shirt.

Q-type Item, min=3, max=6 (be descriptive):
Can of Hairspray: Special canister is half filled with hairspray and half with a powerful acid. Cap needs to be adjusted in a certain combination to activate the acid side. Can is travel size.

Rat Tail Comb: Also dual purpose and can be used as a comb. However, by pushing one of the teeth on the comb it becomes a hypodermic filled with an appropriate dosage of truth serum

Makeup sponges: colored pale green to distinguish. If pressed lightly against the skin they act just like the other pastel colored sponges; however, if pressed firmly against someone's nose, chloroform is released in an amount sufficient to render the victim unconcious for about thirty minutes.

Eye makeup remover oil: Removes makeup with just a tissue, but when mixed with equal parts water and ingested, it acts as an antidote for most known poisons.

BB was recruited five years ago while working on the film 'Die Another Day', acting as personal stylist for Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry. BB was shocked to find the Ian Fleming stories were based on reality, when she was approached by an agent for M.

Even more so, she was shocked to find the 'real' M wanted her to help out on a special case, involving terrorists using movie sets as covers to move weapons throughout the world. Due to her natural cover, she was seen as someone who could locate the terrorists, and supply the identifying information to the authorities. With her help, Interpol was able to capture and eliminate the terrorists, and once again made movie making a safe and profitable business.

BB enjoys the excitement of her undercover work, and even more so when it is really undercover. However, for now she is attending the toy conference to help demonstrate the new Barbie Hollywood Makeup Artist set, and how girls will be able to transform their old, tired, worn Barbies into new, and improved updated dolls.
Dia 18 years ago
Name: Krista Mayer

Country: USA

Alias: Antique collector/ US Flea Market marshall

Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair that fall straight with no wave. Warm green eyes and a splash of light freckles across her face. Athletic build and stands at 5'8. Easily blends in with the norm.

Weapon (be descriptive): Kimber Tactical Ultra 2 (made to look like a ninetendo duck hunt gun)-All business, and business is good.
A pistol carried for law enforcement or used for defense must be dependable. Safety, accuracy and power are important, but dependability is paramount. Kimber Tactical models were designed with that in mind. They also include some of the most popular Custom Shop carry features and showcase a dynamic new two-tone matte finish.
Like some other Kimber models, the frame of each Tactical is machined from proven 7075-T7 aluminum. These frames are dramatically lighter than those cut from steel yet every bit as strong. Light pistols are easier to carry, and 1911 pistols with aluminum frames weigh about seven ounces less than those with a steel frame.
The new Kimber Tactical Extractor is another standard feature. Extremely reliable under even the toughest field conditions, it is a logical addition for a pistol that might receive infrequent cleaning. It never needs adjusting and works equally well with light practice loads or heavy carry ammunition.
The Custom Shop’s Premium Aluminum Trigger breaks between four and five pounds with minimal creep or overtravel. Kimber trigger quality is without peer in production semi-automatic pistols, and a great trigger makes a huge contribution to accurate shooting.
Meprolight three dot (green) fixed night sights with Tritium inserts make the rounded and blended low profile fixed sights stand out even in low light conditions. In daylight they also provide white dots for fast reference. Extended ambidextrous thumb safety and black/silver laminated logo grips round out the Custom Shop parts. Each model also has a matte black extended and beveled magazine well for fast reloading, and each magazine is fitted with a bumper pad.

Q-type Item, min=3, max=6 (be descriptive): 1)Atari game ( Ms. PacMan) Inside where the chip for the game should be, holds a box cutter blade that can be semi ejected with a push of ms. pacmans face. Great for slash and goes.
2)Missy Pissy doll - a blonde little baby doll with the cutest blue eyes that will make anyone say aww, When squeezed Missy Pissy orignally released food dyed water to recreate the look of urine. Now Missy Pissy releases a toxic paralyzing gas. Doll circa 1950's.
3)Jacks - The famous ball and metal pieces game of the 60's & 70's has made a come back but only deadlier. Little explosives packed with power!

History: a born flea market junkie, Krista grew up surrounded by golden oppertunities of resale. Her parents owned a stand in their local flea market in Nebraska and as she grew she saw many things go down that had nothing to do with peddling ones preused wares. There was much drug trafficing and black market deals going on around her and she did not like it one bit. Those people destroyed the sanctity of what a flea market stood for. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

She went through many years of police training and kept going for the top. Finally a CIA agent she busted many of the cartells from her early years and began giving herself a good name. The CIA allowed her to continue with her workings within the flea markets until recently when she was approached and brought in on a new case. Not happy with their desicion, she was a little relieved to find out the case did envolve toys. Toys that could possibly one day end up at a flea market to be resold unsuspectingly.

With her ticket to St.Croix in hand, Krista snatched her brown hair up into a pony tail and picked up her suitcase full of 'goodies'. She wondered at how much free time they would get to cruise the street markets. You never know what you could find.
Rasberry 18 years ago
Name: Svetlana Dimitrikov
Country: Slovak Republic
Appearance: Long black hair, dark eyes, 5' 7 with muscular/atheltic build
Alias: None

Weapon: SIlenced Nagant M1895, double action revolver (Officer's Model). Made for the red army during WWII, the rare silenced models were custom built in clandestine metalshops for scout and recon operations, and were often used in close quarter assassinations.

Q-Type Items: (1) Watch: concealed inside is a length of fiber wire, which can be pulled out at the oportune moment for a silent take down. (2) Earrings: act as a radio transmitter. Should she "lose" one, it would relay sound back to the second, which can be placed within the ear as a listening device. The transmitter can also double as a gps tracker, enabling her to track her victims from a distance (3) Lipstick: a toxic compound, which Svetlana has spent years building immunity to, ensures the untimely demise of any hapless romantics that might cross her path.

History: After the fall of the iron curtain, Svetlana found that espionage had not fallen with it. Through an unnofficial branch of the Slovakian government, she has been leased out to various private parties where her training could be put to good use. Though her identity has never been verified with any major intelligence agency, Svetlana has become known in the black market community as an assassin of unmatched expertise, specializing in carrying out the impossible. Technically unaffiliated with her own government, Svetlana works within a rigid system, taking no job without expressed permission from her superior officers.
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Name: Ellis Duban
Country: Scotland
Appearance: Shoulder length black hair, watery green eyes, 5'8 130lbs athletic build.
Alias: E
Weapon (be descriptive): two custom .38's with extra capacity and light weight

Q-type Item, min=3, max=6 (be descriptive):

Electrified bracelets - One on each wrist, they are two inches wide and silver tone. Connected with a slave type ring on her middle finger, these bracelets deliver 50 thousand watts of electricity...and sting like a motherfucker.

Custom fit fangs - surgically implanted vampire like fangs that deliver enough toxin to knock out a 300lbs man. Longer bites, more toxin = death.

Cigarettes - Specially made non toxic to the smoker, but releases a deadly second hand poison that with a puff in the face, immediately paralyzes. When the cigarette is broken open the 'leaves' are razor sharp.

History: Enlisted by the Queen's MI-6 international squad, Ellis has gone undercover in hostile organizations using her looks and womanly wiles as an agent. Hired asassin and has a passion for designer clothing and high tech weaponary. Recently retired due to the end of the cold war and the start of desert tensions, Ellis has grown bored of espionage and freelances to the highest bidder. She has answered the call to her adopted country's call...pretty much because there is nothing else interesting going on for her.
Vudu 18 years ago
Name: Joe Black
Appearance: Tall about 5'11 dark hair has some wiskers like he shaved 3 days ago and its coming back hes got a little navy suite hes usally in unless undercover
Alias: Inventor/ weapons dealer
Weapon (be descriptive): carrys a pistol in his suite being held by his belt hes good with knifes not kitchen knifes one hes custom made that are even on both sides just throwing the knife its great its not uneven in the handle so it spins perfect the blade is made with a samuri steal blade just shorter
Q-type Item, min=3, max=6 (be descriptive):
Cell phone:grapling hook in antenna and can take out the # button throw it at anything and can control its movement like a remote
Watch: can shoot a high intensity laser able to break a lock in a single shot can turn the handle to a certain number and it will shriek to a high point to break glass
Backpack: jet pack in side
Belt:holds his knifes
Small heliocopter: built in camera where the driver of a regular heliocopter would sit good for going threw air vents and spying on other people leaves a slight buzz like a fly or something leaves no smoke
Pager: set to vibrate but when set to vibrate and then stun it becomes a taser able to knock someone out with just a touch when on the person for more then 10 secs its liable to kill the man
History: Joe was known for being a weapons dealer and if anyone cheated on his price he sell it and then go to there homes and steal it again
He got hung up with MI6 for selling inventions and weapons to them he didn't want money he just wanted to make sure that the weapons and inventions were being used correctly so they hired him to be an agent
Hes seen 007 a couples times about new inventions and thats how he was recommended for this mission
Hes not one to kid around with he just likes seeing his inventions being used right if they are used wrong he will punch you for a warning his last partner didn't stop so he killed him with his watch laser shot straight through the heart he was notified for murder he told MI6 the story of why and they said okay we wont take the charge but don't do it again so please if you are gona use my weapons and invention please use them right i don't want to have to kill you for misusing them
Laha 18 years ago
Name: Beaker (real name unknown)
Country: Germany
Appearance: A giant Bear suit wearing a business suit
Alias: Beaker the Toy Bear, a German Mascot for a large German toy company marketing its new line of life sized stuffed animals dressed like everyday people.

Weapon: Titanium Teeth and retractable bear claws made of titanium (Think Jaws with claws) and near supernatural strength.

Q-type Items:
Bear Fart Stink Bombs: Beaker has at his disposal an arsenal of stink bombs more the capable of rendering an opponent unconscious, or in some cases even killing them outright. How and where these are stored is a mystery and trade secret.

Acid Tipped Claws: Beaker can apparently use acid on his claws to disolve even the toughest of materials, the claws are protected of course.

Bear Suit: Beakers bear disguise provides him with little extras such as telescopic vision and hearing as well as nightvision and thermal, and even x-ray vision. The suit also acts as full body kevlar armor making him resistant to small arms fire.

Stuffed Animals: A variety of stuffed animals is carried by Beaker at all time for part of his alias, but each has various functions in addition to being a toy: The wind up duckies explode, the bunnies combust, the frogs spray super glue, the birds can act as throwing daggers laced with a special poison, and the cute Babmi knock-offs can emmit an em-pulse capable of taking down a small building's electrical systems, including security and surveilance, for a short time.

Magic Wand: Beaker carries a magic wand for doing magical tricks for the kiddies, but it also doubles as a set of lock pics, and a one shot high enery pulse laser with a range of more then 1500 meters capable of burning a hole through solid steel two feet thick; but that ruins the wand.

Beaker was originally part of a team of assassins working the European block with a bow wielding partner code named Laha who specialised in ranged combat using a variety of specialized arrows. They parted ways over some kind of petty argument and Beaker found steady employment with the Germans where he has been ever since as a contracted freelance agent.

No one has ever seen Beaker out of the bear suit he wears. What is known is that Beaker dislikes the use of firearms in his line of work and prefers a more hands-bear on take on the whole issue.

He also works alone, a habbit since he and Laha parted ways, though there are some rumors it wasn't so much a parting as more of a claw in the back.


Mike 18 years ago
Name: Zowie Bai

Country: China

Appearance : 5’6 with a trim athletic build. She is Chinese so she does have a golden Asian skin tone, brown eyes and dark brown/black hair with a few reddish highlights that falls very thick and straight just past her shoulders.

Alias: Cultural liaison / representative for China’s largest manufacturing company.

Weapon (be descriptive): A matt black QSZ-92-5.8 - The QSZ-92 is a short recoil operated, locked breech pistol. It uses a rotating barrel to lock and unlock the slide on recoil. Frame of the QSZ-92 pistol is made from polymer. Trigger mechanism is Double Action, with external hammer and ambidextrous safety / decocker lever, mounted on both sides of the frame. Dual stack magazine holds 15 rounds of ammunition in either caliber. Front part of the frame under the barrel is shaped as an accessory rail to accept laser sights or flashlights. Fixed sights have luminous inserts for low light conditions.
It looks extremely new even though Zowie has had it for years. She carries it because her job requires it but has only drawn it twice outside of the firing range.

Q-type Item, min=3, max=6 (be descriptive):

Business cards: What good businesswoman wouldn’t have her own card? Zowie keeps two sets, the ones with her personal cell phone number on them have an extremely small GPS chip imbedded into them. The chip sends a signal back to her BlackBerry letting her track whom ever she gave it to.

Ring camera: A lovely, suitable for all occasion jade and pearl ring. It must be slightly too large though as Zowie is often fiddling with it. The large center pearl, however, is a camera. The shutter is operated by pressing on one of the jade accent stones, the pictures are stored digitally in the other stone, which will hold 75 Megs. Once she has a little privacy, she can remove the memory stone, set it in a specially designed reader and if she can find a USB port download everything. It is quite water/element proof.

Explosive silly putty: She keeps it for inspiration, really. But it is a very stable plastic explosive. To detonate adhere where needed and break each side of the egg shaped case in half. One side holds a fuse, yes, it is old fashion but this is an experimental item. The fuse will give you up to one minute to run, but you don’t need to use the whole length. The other side, when broken, ignites and can be used to light the fuse if you don’t have a lighter.

Recording/transmitting earrings: Small jade and pearl earrings, to match the ring. Again, the jewelry is quite water/element proof. The earrings, are fairly simple, by touching a small switch you can activate either a recording device in the one or a send/receive signal in the other. When working with another agent Zowie can either receive very low volume verbal messages or send back her conversations. The earrings also have a GPS chip in them so Zowie could be tracked if she gets into trouble.

History: Born in China but adopted by a Chinese American couple while still an infant Zowie grew up in San Francisco. Her father’s work resulting in moving the entire family to Hong Kong when Zowie was 15 and she simply never left, even though when she turned 18 her family did return to the states.

She kept her American citizenship for years and stayed in China as a student. Now fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, and Taiwanese as well as English she eventually she took a position with a large manufacturing firm, a cultural liaison/translator.

About this time, she was approached by Chinese intelligence, initially because they thought she might be a security risk. She was still, after all, an American citizen. Through the course of several interviews, even offering to apply for Chinese citizenship it was decided she was more valuable as an outsider.

Monitored closely by the government Zowie has used her American ties to come and go freely though America and Western Europe Zowie has become quite adept at industrial espionage and helping China get a leg up on all sorts of technology.

Now all these things are coming together and Zowie is being given a more important assignment. As she is technically an American, having an industrial espionage background and manufacturing connections she is the obvious choice for a toy conference.
Blackrabbit 18 years ago

Name: Samantha Stythal

Country: Canada

Appearance: Tall, 5’10”, long blonde hair, blue eyes. Athletic physique.

Alias: Laurie Birmingham, PR Correspondant for CTA. Laurie serves as the primary liaison for the many companies that the CTA deals with. She is the ‘face’ of CTA, appearing on all the news reports, magazine interviews, etc.

Weapon: Escrima sticks, blue with gold dragon foil design, and throwing knives. (not sure how much more detail you can get… they’re just sticks.)

Q-type Items:

Ultra-Specs: Laurie’s glasses allow her to see both the infrared and UV spectrums, as well as zoom in and out on a particular target. Her vision is 20/20, but she is never seen without them.

Tampon Grenade: Heh. Don’t pull that string. Really.

Crystal Necklace: Sam’s necklace, a crystal cross on a small filament of plastic-like material, is a tiny but state-of-the-art camera and recorder.

TKO Dust: A highly concentrated dust that Sam keeps in tiny packets glued to the undersides of her fingernails. It takes almost none to knock a victim out, and a flurry of punches, a series of chops, or a well-timed embrace are enough to do it. Both she and her brother Sean are inoculated; You can be immunized against it but the CSA believes that so far it is the only organization with control over both the dust and the inoculation.

History: Sam and her brother Sean, born one minute apart, always traveled the same path. Although Sean was the more driven of the two, Sam found her own way to compliment his path with her own. Where he was scholarly, she was martial. Where he was focused and intense, she was calm and appraising.

When Sean studied languages, Sam studied martial arts. She knows 8 different styles to his 8 different languages: Karate, Jujitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Kendo, Capoeira, Escrima, and Muay Thai.

As Sean went for the quiet stealthy undercover approach, Sam went for ‘up close and personal.’ As the front of the CTA, she puts a great deal of time into upholding the division of who she really is and who she appears to be.

Ashmore 18 years ago
Name: Sean Stythal
Country: Canada
Alias: Lance Birmingham works for The Canadian Toy Association or the CTA. The CTA is a company that processes new imports of toys checking for safety ratings and possible right infringements. The CTA is just one of the fronts used for the Canadian Secret Agency (CSA). Lance’s job is to ensure CTA has checked out these toy companies, ensure they are not a front for something illegal and report back any findings.

Weapon (be descriptive): Ruger 9mm stainless steel slide with high density polyurethane handle. Carries 10 rounds/clip and 1 in the chamber. Sean also carries what the Americans refer to as the “pre-ban” high capacity clips which hold 20 rounds. Of course he has 4 of those and 2 regular clips at all times.

Q-type Item, min=3, max=6 (be descriptive):

#1 – Magnetic watch- Water proof to extreme depths. When the face band is turned counterclockwise it becomes a powerful directional magnet. It can pull objects up to 3 lbs to it and has a range of 12 feet. The power setting can be adjusted as well so that he does not rip zippers off of any famine clothing when up close 

#2 – Wrist dart gun- concealed under his left arm this single shot dart gun has a range of 50 feet. This activates when he flexes his wrist in the proper direction. Some darts are regular standard knock out darts that knockout a person for 12 hours. Other darts are of the armor piercing type (at a close range of course) and others are laced with a deadly poison which kills in 3 minutes. Sean also carries the antidote at all times. He carries 50 of each type in case as small as a cigarette box.

#3- Belt buckle transceiver- a two way radio that comes with an ear piece that is small and virtually undetectable. This buckle looks like an ordinary silver one-pin buckle with tiny buttons on the back and side. Also has a GPS tracking chip and can emit a high piercing noise for 10 seconds and is voice activated.

History/Bio: He is 6ft 4 and weighs 190 lbs. Sean works out 2 times a day and runs 3 times a week. For being a desk jockey most of the time, he is in great shape physically. He has short blond hair and blue eyes. He speaks 8 different languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, German, and Russian. He has a twin sister, Samantha, who works for the CSA as the public relations officer of the CTA. Her martial arts skills are as strong as his language skills. She works the public angle keeping everyone in the dark as to the real motives of the CTA. He has mainly worked, inside his own country, on illegal drug trafficking but certain cases had lead to bigger investigations including busts of slavery and “black market” rings. When a red flag came up on these companies meeting in St. Croix, Sean and Samantha names were at the top of their boss’ list. Their assignment: Assess and report back the situation; use any means needed to uncover any possible illegal activities; Use the cover the CTA if suspicion should arise.
Verileah 18 years ago
Name: Dani Martin
Country: USA
Appearance Petite little woman with bobbed brown hair and blue eyes.
Alias: Administrative Assistant to a high powered executive
Weapon (be descriptive): Dani carries a collapsible taser designed to look like a toothbrush holder
Q-type Item, min=3, max=6 (be descriptive):
Green tapestry bag – Positively filled with items that could be more than they seem, the true secret is the bag itself. The strap cushions and conceals a wire sharp enough to cut through skin like a knife through hot butter and the snap closure doubles as a hidden camera

Black knee high boots – In addition to having hydraulic heels that can be raised or lowered as the occasion requires, the left toe contains a unique homing device that is activated by a certain series of taps and can transmit Morris code to an outside listener.

Tasty soft bake cookies – When ingested, paints the eater as a target for tracking or sniping

Dani had been working for Meridian, an international corporation, for a little over a year when the CIA began investigating the company for illegal arms dealing. Zealous to prove her employers innocence, Dani went through great lengths to find the true perpetrators. Though she, with the help of her friends and some clever gadgetry, was able to clear Meridian’s name on the major charges, the United States Government only agreed to drop the lesser charges if she would agree to put her resourcefulness to work should they have a need.

Thinking they would have little need for an administrative assistant and lifetime girl scout, she agreed.

Naturally, the CIA found a use for her, thinking she would be an ideal representative for a toy conference with both her corporate and social ties.
Integral_Prime 18 years ago
Name:John McPherson
Appearance: 5`10, brown hair, hazel eyes, 160 lbs, of Irish descent, 28 yrs.
Alias: Salseman with a remote control car company.
Weapon (be descriptive): .22 browning pistol with silencer. Brown stock, black barrel, makes no noise, holds 8 shots and I never need more than that.
Q-type Item, min=3, max=6 (be descriptive):
remote control car with bomb- looks like standar yellow and purple remote controlled monster truck, 1 foot high but can be detonated with remote.

watch: you think its just the sun's glare but its a white laser burning out your eyes, looks like normal silver analog rolex.

handkerchief powdered with colorless, odorless toxin, just pull out to honk away and imagine it spreading around the room, infecting all but you.
Rookie CIA agent recruited after serving his required 5 years in army after attending West Point. Main talent is his communication skill, has a personality that lends people to confide in him.
Jinheim 18 years ago
Name: George Hersheck
Country: USA
Appearance: Disheveled, unfashionable clothing on a bulky, overweight body. George's dirt-brown hair has already begun thinning, even at the young age of 32, and it (along with most of his skin, as well) generally appears greasy
Alias: George considers himself to be one who is merely young at heart, but in reality he is just a big nerd.
Weapon (be descriptive): George uses a Heckler & Koch USP .45 Tactical. It has an extended barrel and is threaded to make the use of a silencer attachment possible.
Q-type Item, min=3, max=6 (be descriptive):

Nerdy Glasses: George's glasses are more than they appear to be. In addition to the obvious night vision and zooming functions, there is also a length of ultra-sharp, ultra-thin steel wire hidden in the frame. One end of the wire is wrapped up around each lens, and the entire frame can be seperated in the middle and thus used as a garrote.

Expanding Tie: George's ugly blue tie appears to be cheap and poorly made. It is, however, quite expensive and very intricate in design. The fabric used for the tie is actually hundreds of ultra-thin layers folded on top of themselves. With some deft manipulation of the knot, the tie can be unfolded into a 15'x15' sheet of extremely thin, yet extremely strong fabric. Thus, the tie can function as a blanket, parachute, knapsack, rope, or any number of other useful things.

Calculator Watch: George wears a calculator watch, which does not attract much notice and attracts even fewer questions. The watch is actually a very advanced hacking device. It can transmit its signal into almost any other mechanism with a digital circuit within 20'. It can open electronically locked doors, blast through firewalls, wipe entire hard drives clean, and even change the channels on the TV.

Fanny Pack: George wears a fanny pack. The pack itself is mundane, but it capitalizes on the fact that no one in the entire world has ever once been curious about what a nerd keeps in his fanny pack. Whatever it is, it is without doubt so uninteresting that inspecting its contents would numb your brain. Thus, George uses it as a convenient place to hide various explosives and some cheese crackers.

Transformer Action Figure: George has a 6" transformer action figure, which he takes with him nearly everywhere. This little robot is the real deal, and is actually a real robot that is equipped with various cameras and other sensory equipment, as well as appendages that are capable of an impressive degree of dexterity. In addition, the figure really can transform into several other machines, including a dune-buggy, submarine, and helicopter - all of which are fully functional in their respective environments. It can also transform into a vibrator, making it the first and only transformer action figure in the world that is a hit with the ladies. It (in all its various forms) can be controlled either via George's PDA (which is otherwise mundane) or through his watch (mentioned above).


George has loved toys for his entire life, and keeps a rather large collection of them in his room at his mom's house (which he rarely visits any more). When he was 25, still living at home, and going nowhere, he caught a lucky break. He was approached by a recruiter for the CIA, and offered a job. The reasons for George being selected for recruitment are a mystery to everyone - George most of all. He did not appear to have any of the necessary characteristics for the job, but it turns out that he was surprisingly adept at it and took to it very naturally. He quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the premier agents for the USA. He attributes much of his success to the fact that he seems so completely and utterly harmless that no one could ever suspect him. His history, love, and knowledge of toys made him a natural pick for the job.
Briare 18 years ago
Name: Harmonia Blystful
Country: Brazil (City: Brasilia)

-Eyes: One green one brown with extremely long lashes.
-Hair: Faded Fox orange. (Stress the not bright.)
-Hair Style: Long with a scraggly wave sometimes she plates a few strands to get it out of her way.
-Height: 5'8
-Build: skinny but not totally flat chested, very gymnastic like figure
-Skin: Medium Tanned
-Age: 19
-Clothing: Alias Harmonia tends to wear long grubby baggy pants and a baggy t-shirt with a black head scarf that kids her hair. Dirt is a natural accessory and makes her look more boy then girl.
-Agent Self: Black tank top black pants or black shorts. (It gets hot in Brazil! hehe) Green Yellow accessories (As she is a patriot)
- Girl Alias: Low cut pants/skirts, Belly shirts a lot of fringe and bright reds oranges and blues.

Alias: Male Kable: The leader of a boy gang on the streets of Brasilia. (She can pass her self off as a teenager boy.)
Female: Traditional Brazilian/Belly dancer
Weapon (be descriptive): A flash light that at the push of a button transforms in to a titanium fighting staff/Javelin with a blade on the end.

Q-type Item, min=3, max=6 (be descriptive):
1. Copper Coins: Looks like the ordinary money people tend to throw away but when tossed at anything solid they become mini bombs or smoke screens upon contact.
2. Black sheer scarf with a gold/green embroidery and fringe that is tied and hangs around her waist usually but sometimes acts as a head scarf. The inside of the scarf is black it helps her blend her hair colour in to the night. It also gathers static electric energy and when activated she uses it to stun her victims when it comes in contact with skin. A minor jolt will knock a person out for a few hours a heavy current could stop a person’s heart.
3. Ankle/Calf Cuff Vine: A thin to medium piece of Gold metal that twine all the way up her leg from ankle top of calf. It looks like an exotically beautiful piece of Brazilian jewelry with amber gems sporadically embedded along the length of it. The multi purpose gems are disguises for mini tracking devices and can be detached and placed upon a person. The gold wire is also connected to her central nervous system. It sends readings back to the lab tracking Harmonia's vital signs. It can not be removed with out killing her.
4. Wrist cuff vine. This cuff meanders from her wrist to her elbow. Its job is a communication device. One amber gem projects a holographic image a few others are an intricate microphone/speaker system.
5. One green contact lense 1 brown contact lense... Nothing special but to hide her odd eye colour.

History: Harmonia Blystful was left on the streets of Brasilia with nothing but her birth certificate and 2 blank spots where her parents names should have been. She was 5 and was taken in by a street gang. They were all boys, they assumed she was and she pretended keeping up the pretence. The leader was very strong and trained her how to do Capoeira (minimally). When she was 9 he died and she became the leader. Their gang swept through the city becoming the number 1 thief group in years. The police had a warrant out for her arrest (Under the name of Kable) and at the age of 12 she was taken in. They assumed she was a boy too and offered to erase her crimes if she joined their intelligence training program for young offenders.

Seeing no other choice, Harmonia was effectively reformed and by 19 and became one of Brazils' top agents. Her willowy body and prior knowledge of Capoeira made her an excellent dancer. She kept up her thief pretence as a cover for herself as well. Kable is a teenage boy now and it was much easier to do surveillance when no one takes notice of you anyways. When she had to do business in other countries she sometimes works as a girl doing her traditional Brazilian dancing and Capoeira.

Harmonia would be attending the conference because her folk dancing was contracted as entertainment between sessions and as the evening entertainment (er if there is any.)

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zorgoz 18 years ago
Name: Rudolph Claus
Country: Dominican Republic
Appearance: 39 years old, 3'4" tall (midget), black hair down to shoulders, a little overweight, black skin
Alias: High school baseball coach
Weapon (be descriptive): baseball bat: metal, 1.5 feet long, black, rubber handle great for grip. The bat can also extend to 3 feet long in desperate times, like one of those toy lightsabers, once a button on the end is pushed.
Q-type Item, min=3, max=6 (be descriptive): A $1 bill that is actually a tracking device, the ID number (11967076911) is actually his birthdate forwards then backwards, seperated by a 0 (jan 19, 1967).
Don't judge the sticky goo on the bottom of his shoe too quickly, you might end up dead sooner than you think! What looks like a piece of ordinary chewed-up apple flavored bubble gum on his shoe is in fact no ordinary piece of gum at all, but it is actually a piece of unordinary apple flavored bubble gum. This gum never gets dirty, never loses its flavor, and always stays on his shoe ready to be enjoyed in a spare moment (He likes gum)
Hidden in the most unlikely spot on his body is the most lethal, most regular looking belly button lint ever. Designed to stay in place until the time comes, this flavorless, lethal lint dissolves quickly and is great for poisoning a drink.
Although it may seem as though Rudolph has 2 normal eyes, his left eye is in fact not real at all, but it is a gun that has 6 bullets stored inside. In order to fire the gun, all he has to do is think about, as it is attached to his brain, ready at a split seconds notice. The bullet storage unit can be refilled after a very minor sugery, requiring only 1 hour to do.

History: Flunked out of high school, parents disowned him so he went to the streets where he made money by pick pocketing, begging, and kidnapping tourist teenagers and holding them for ransom. He was caught hot wiring a car, but put up a good fight and hospitalized 4 police officers. Afterwards, he was offered a job with the Dominican army after his 12 year jail sentence. Was just released 3 years ago.
Hiejinx 18 years ago

Name: Dorothy (Dottie) Dallas
Country: USA --
Appearance: 5'8" 39 still slender with short brown spikey hair, black dancing eyes, few freckles across nose
Alias: Lucky
Weapon: Pearl handled box cutter with a four inch blade.
Q-type Item: Pair of dice with a tiny camera in one. Fuzzy dice with telescope in one, telecopic mirror in the other. Contact Lens that can be blinked to infrared night vision.
History: Dottie was born and raised on the Mississippi coast and grew up with several siblings never knowing where the next meal would come from due to her dad's gambling. What little earnings he made as the coastal bridge operator quickly went for booze and cards. Her mom finally had to speak to his boss to intercept most of his paycheck to have money to feed the kids. Dottie promised herself she would find a way to do far better and to send money home for her mom and siblings. One day while working as a bank teller her fast thinking thwarted a bank heist. Turned out the bank president had friends at Quantico that thought Dottie was so unlikely a spy she might just be perfect. Many missions later, she received a call to go undercover with 007 at the Toy conference. Fortunately, she had made friends some years before with a gentleman named Darrell Simmons that owned a small toy company that primarily made dice games such as Cheater and a few small board games. She easily talked him into letting her be a spokesperson/sales person for his company using his booth at the fair as a surveillance point.

Tor 18 years ago
Name: William Cleene

Country: Australia, Australia, We Love Ya, God Bless!

Appearance: Willie is 6'4", and weighs in at a whopping 135lbs...entirely skin and bones. He has spiky, unkempt platinum blonde hair and nearly invisible eyebrows. He wears thin silver rimmed glasses in front of his light pink eyes. They lend a distinguished aire to his constant look of befuddlement, as well as really accentuating his high cheekbones and shapely collarbone. "It is such a shame he was born a lad," his Gramma always said. His lips are usually in an "oh" of surprise. Willie stands with a perpetual bend (making him look somewhat like a sagging skeleton, which is further accentuated by his albino skin tone)..."That boy'll be a durned hunchback when he gits to be our age," his Grampa always says to his Gramma's urn. He wears his white, spotless apron over his white short sleeved button up shirt and white denim pants. At the end of his gangly legs are two white socks, covered by his all white pumas. They stay pristine even with all of the cleaning he has to do...maybe that's why he always looks so surprised.

Alias: The Janitor, Clean Willie, Hey You, Bruce

Weapon (be descriptive): Neuro- and hemotoxins derived from native flora and fauna in addition to caustic chemicals. William is a biochemist, and uses his knowledge of biochemistry in the service of the state, eliminating enemies of Australia (like fools who mess up the words to Waltzing Matilda, fail to tip busty barmaids, have notoriously limp-wristed handshakes, etc.).

Q-type Item, min=3, max=6 (be descriptive):

The SmartMop(tm) - not only does this baby absorb just about anything, it delivers the proper chemicals to the proper area for maximum cleanliness using its tentacle-like sensors within the mop head. The handle dismantles into a handy blowpipe and storage facility for ready made toxins, in addition to highly caustic cleaning agents.

The Cleene Suit(tm) - William's clothing is completely immune to all forms of corrosion, stains and penetration. Tested extensively in day care centers across the country, it is certified stainproof by Austraila's Board of Education.

Speedee Bucket(tm) - The bucket appears as a very well used version of an oversized mop bucket, but doubles as a motor vehicle. Designed with the aid of Shriner technology, the Speedee Bucket(tm) can travel at up to 70 mph on freshly mopped floors without losing traction. Top speed unknown, as the testing facility did not have a very large ballroom. Comes standard equipped with a crash fez and a side car for cleaning supplies.

Wash-Away-Your-Sins - Confession in liquid form! This detergent, when poured on a sinner, will cause them to start confessing their evils (or they rapidly evaporate...unless Redemption in a Bottle is applied, they will be utterly consumed by the caustic chemical)

Redemption in a Bottle - See Above!

The Janitor's Key - Opens any mechanical or electronic lock!

History: William was recruited from the spy program when it was realized that, as a janitor with an exteremely keen intellect, he would have access to all areas of any building and would be smart enough to know what was important to overhear or read. Sponsoring him through his higher education, the Australian Government was quite pleased with the result - he hadn't gotten smashed so many times during college that he'd forgotten why he'd went, but enough that he still wanted to work for them and didn't mind being a janitor! Putting him to work was easy - he already cleaned everything in sight, now he just had to watch his surroundings and read the trash as well. The perfect cover!
Aniyah 18 years ago
Name: Samia "Mia" Rajah (pronounced Sah-my-ah Ray-ah)
Country: Saudi Arabia
Appearance: Approximately 5’5 with chestnut colored, waist-length hair. Eyes are brown, skin complexion is a light brown, allowing her to pass through most countries with only the minimum of notice, unlike her darker skinned countrymen.
Alias: Moral Police, essentially. Ensuring toys sent in to Saudi Arabia are not corrupting the youth.
Weapon (be descriptive): Dark Grey Ruger .45 with a modified silencer on the tip. Worn strapped to her waist, easily accessible. Cool steel is comforting against her skin and the weapon is rarely taken off, only to bathe.
Q-type Item, min=3, max=6 (be descriptive): Photographic contact lenses. When worn (making eyes a darker shade of brown than before) can capture still photographs by blinking eyes in succession – Left then Right.

Ring of Contact. Large ring with a black stone in the middle. When the stone is twisted it pops open to reveal a “panic” button to send reinforcements in for rescue.

Wristwatch. Worn around the left wrist, the watch is fitted with small needles that contain a neurological poison. When used against a target, said target will be paralyzed until needle is removed. If left in longer than 30 minutes, target will die from the poison. Otherwise it will evaporate leaving no residuals.

Black stone pendant. Matching pendant to ring. Pendant is a recorder.


Mia has lived in Saudi Arabia all of her life. As kin to the royal family, she has enjoyed a freedom others in her world have only dreamed of. Working as an agent has allowed her to travel the world and experience adventure, the likes of which women currently could not imagine having.

She was recruited as an agent thanks to her logic and ability to remember detail and think on her feet. As a child she spent much time at the feet of her grandfather, the king, listening to his political diatribes and learning the nuances of leadership in the Middle East.

With no time to cultivate relationships, she has experienced only brief flings outside of her country. She is looking for one to accept her as equal and thus far, at home, she has not found such a man.
Mai 18 years ago
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