Mafia Day 1 Vote Thread due 2/28

Please post the name of your vote in bold. If you change your vote then simply unbold the first name and bold the new one.

Voting will end Tonight 12pm EST.

Laha 17 years ago
Well...I'm thinking since Bond was offed by a doll that it might be Dia, so I'm gona vote for her since she uses dolls to WAK people.

I know it's a stretch, but the first botes usually are...

& Beaker
Ashmore 17 years ago

only b/c beaker knows and sees all

sorry Dia, please dont hate me!
Aniyah 17 years ago
I'm going to go with Bridj due to the leggyness, coupled with the strength in her arms. Since Bond saw only a flash of green --- maybe he saw her sponges?
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Bridj? eep!
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
Going with Dia on this one... sorry if I'm wrong, but the 1st one's rough!
Den 17 years ago's so Dia...and so...not me! :P lol
zorgoz 17 years ago
Mike 17 years ago
Very torn here… eenie meenie miney…

OK... changed my mind... I know its a long shot but

Dia 17 years ago
Bridj for sho! cuz she says me too! :kiss
Integral_Prime 17 years ago
", chloroform is released in an amount sufficient to render the victim unconcious for about thirty minutes."

Bond was knocked out for a while so Bridj fits, long legs so Bridj fits, green sponges so Bridj fits.

I vote Bridj and suggest you all do the same
Hiejinx 17 years ago
I hate first votes and I agree the green could have been the clothing, even designer clothing (Roz ) but my notes say fitness, long pair legs, and strong which leads me to Bridg. Sorry
Verileah 17 years ago
Going with Bridj
Vudu 17 years ago
Krista Mayar
Mai 17 years ago
Voting is closed. Lynch will be posted shortly