Day One OOC

Chat it up!

Blackrabbit 17 years ago
Blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda.
Vudu 17 years ago
well reading this sounds like they have a backpack or some kinda pack to carry the doll the sk i mean
Aniyah 17 years ago
I thought that too until I looked again at the display. It's a display of Secret Agent Barbies. Wouldn't the Secret Agent accessories be near the display?
Laha 17 years ago
Growl...growl growl growl...

Verileah 17 years ago
Going to keep poking at this but for the moment I wanna point my GIANT SCARY POINTY FINGER at Bridj. Leggy Bridj with the green spongies and the cover of demonstrating Barbie stuff.

Like I said, still thinking though
Den 17 years ago
No no no!!! It is not me...I'm not busty...and there are other's with green, including Dia...who not only has green eyes, but green dots...and small toys AND dolls in her arsenal...:P
Keep thinking!
Verileah 17 years ago
Hmm, I saw the green eyes but there's a few who have those, missed the sights on the weapon though :X. That does seem like a likely source for a flash of green, though I'm not convinced the antique doll or the jacks mean anything. Then again, I'm not convinced the green sponges mean anything either, I'm just pointing fingers .

In any case, let's make sure we're keeping the serial kill clues separate from the Mafia clues. For mafia it looks like so far we have the green, the legs, the fact that the mafia was hanging out near a barbie display, and the fact that Bond was shot.

For serial killer so far we have small barbie accessories, the fact that bond was -not- shot, that s/he reached behind him/her to get whatever s/he was getting (which might indicate a bag or might just be reaching behind to pick up some things from the display) and...think that's all we've talked about.
Den 17 years ago
Most of the women playing are tall, for women, so most would have long legs. But the mafia all have big boobs too, right?

And Barbies are 'dolls'...couldn't the reference be related?
Ashmore 17 years ago
I have to agree on a lot of points said...
First of which it being to early for solid proof.

I like what Verileah and Shay had suggested and will lean one of those ways. When in doubt I am going to do what I always do... Vote against Beaker. Well b/c I hate bears!

I will have to vote early today due to league night and wont be home till very late. So I apologize in advance to whomever I vote for since that vote will be loosely based on first impressions and illogical conclusions.
Dia 17 years ago
i don't have green dots i have jax! Lots of us have green eyes but that would be iffy to say for a flash of green. Maybe it was clothing?

hmm. perhaps samantha for the sk? she looks hawt enough to be called a doll (dont we all though hehe)and she's athletic which would make her strong enough to hold her hand over Bond's mouth. granted he was shot but he'd prolly still struggle.
Verileah 17 years ago
Crouched where he was trying to figure out a multi-colored box, he spotted long pair of legs and a flash of green. Those legs were definitively a strong candidate for his fitness test. Naturally James did what any good libidinous agent would do, he followed them.

The legs disappeared into the open door adjoining the ball room.

Leggyness is specifically mentioned here. While many of the characters are tall, Bridj's bio specifically mentions her leggyness.

As for the barbie display/Dia doll connection...yeah, there could be. But I think the Barbie display/Bridj...barbie a stronger one.

Haven't made up my mind yet on anything...I have to agree that the green sights on Dia's gun make for a compelling case too, for one.
Dia 17 years ago
i flashed my gun at bond but didnt fire? i'm just walking around with my gun hanging out getting randon people in my sights for fun.

he saw the flash of green and THEN followed and over heard them, THEN he got shot

I dont really have much more for evidence than anyone else does for mafia,Bridj's does sound like a bombshell that bond would bang, and maybe she was putting away something that was green to save for later, like her pads. She looks more like a barbie too. Just feels like a stretch tho.
Verileah 17 years ago
For SK, and I'll admit this might be a reach...

Name: Dorothy (Dottie) Dallas
Alias: Lucky

The agents he had the misfortune of interrupting had left the scene without finishing him off. That was fortunate.

Mentioning 'fortune' twice like that seemed off to me :\. And Dottie's history talks about a small game company, lots of little pieces in those things...meh, I'm not even buying this :X. But I'll post it anyway .
Ashmore 17 years ago
i'm just walking around with my gun hanging out getting randon people in my sights for fun.

I do that all the time!

Just feels like a stretch tho.

as are much of the clues at round 1
Verileah 17 years ago
I don't really know about guns :X. I was under the impression, from reading the description, that the lights were part of a scope on the gun and you could see them all the time :\.
Dia 17 years ago
You'd have to turn the scope on or youd be changing batteries or whatever they run on ALOT. i would think.

and thats a interesting catch for wording for Lucky. hm
Ashmore 17 years ago
I don't really know about guns :X. I was under the impression, from reading the description, that the lights were part of a scope on the gun and you could see them all the time :\.

While generally the scopes that have some sort of a night vision enhancements have a green tint to them you would not see it lets say from across the room or something. Only if you looked through one would you see that tinting.

Laser sights - in my exp have been red but cannot rule out the possibility of it being green.
Den 17 years ago
Whatever you guys come up with...I'm telling's not ME! *sigh*
Vudu 17 years ago
my thoughts are on Dallas.
1. worked in toy factory( would know what toys are leathal in choking and stuff. possibly worked when the toy barbie being made. able to get hands on one and stuck it in her bag)
2. had to open the barbie doll box fast. shes got a 4 inch box cutter knife
3. whats the fastest way you can think of getting money becuases drug dealing. she killed james and then stole his wallet.
4. her dad drunk and stuff maybe she killed james becuase he looked like her father?
Verileah 17 years ago
1. Hmm...the box cutter thing is an interesting point. I suppose it's also possible that the accessories were already loose and out for the display.

2. A lot of the people playing have some kind of toy company ties; I thought what was interesting was the small game company, thinking about those little game pieces...but I do think that's a stretch at this point.

3. Uh, killer stole Bond's wallet? Did I totally miss that or are you speculating on a possible scenario?

4. I am your father.

Okay, not so much. But I'm sure we could come up with something similar for anyone.