Day Two OOC

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Vudu 17 years ago
not much info for this one im afraid guys seems that the stupid furbies are all i get out of this. other then they know how to drive a forklift. can't really put much together but i will try to keep looking at this and see what i find
Dia 17 years ago
day 2 tougher than day 1 =(

i pulled forklift driver as my only clue too. goin to skim now
Hiejinx 17 years ago
I see a couple of things of note albeit not much --
From the first kill -- have to wonder if the reference to the multi colored box references somthing in someone's possession or someone -

I also reread it and noted one of the characters is an 'unmatched' assassin -- wouldn't it take one of those to knock off good 'ol James?

For the SK, isn't that person usually seen as a loner? We have one such character that has a large hand, er paw that could hold James mouth clamped very shut.

Tonight Samia heard mixed voices which implies it isn't all girls so guys you're not deemed innocent

It mentions robes -- not sure if Samia wore robes or that was a hold over from Mr. Potter?

Also mentions stockroom which brings to mind to me the janitor cover.

Granted these are only tidbits or snippets -- and I may be completely off track...won't be the first time.
Laha 17 years ago
Isn't there an agent that used small toys filled with explosives and gases to do their dirty work???

& Beaker
Integral_Prime 17 years ago
There isn't much, and this may be stretching it but its all I have to go on right now:
Name: Zowie Bai

Country: China

Appearance : 5’6 with a trim athletic build. She is Chinese so she does have a golden Asian skin tone, brown eyes and dark brown/black hair with a few reddish highlights that falls very thick and straight just past her shoulders.

Alias: Cultural liaison / representative for China’s largest manufacturing company.

Under normal circumstances that might not have given her away but in this case it was filled with furbies.

So she works for a huge Chinese manufacturing company, and I did a google search and
furbies are made in China

Like I said it might be a stretch but its all I have
Mike 17 years ago
Nah... she's up in the offices doing what ever it is cultural leasions do. Besides EVERYTHING is made in China.

I've got to say all the fur and muffled sounds makes me think of Beaker. Bears are furry and I can't imagin you can hear him too clearly through that suit.

I'll agree with Hiejinx that's two mentions of boxes and crates in two hits... who's got the box cutter?
Mike 17 years ago
Right aside from the box cutter /looks suspciously at Hiejinx

Rudolph Claus

3'4" tall (midget)

with the gun in his eye it could explain why the shot didn't kill Bond... looking at a much taller guy you could get off a non-fatal shot pretty easy I'd think

He was caught hot wiring a car, but put up a good fight and hospitalized 4 police officers. Afterwards, he was offered a job with the Dominican army after his 12 year jail sentence. Was just released 3 years ago.

Can it be much harder to hotwire a fork lift than a car?

Or (and I haven't made up my mind)

I know it was said before but I'm liking the idea

William Cleene

as a janitor with an exteremely keen intellect, he would have access to all areas of any building

But I must think more...
Jinheim 17 years ago

boh-bay = Worried
-If he gets jarred he may say Kah-dah/boh-bay [I’m scared]

nah-bah = Down
-In the evening Dah/a-loh/nah-bah [Sun down (Good night)]
Verileah 17 years ago
Yeah, no idea what that could mean.

“Do you think the old fool had time to alert anyone?”

“He could have now couldn't he? After all your shot didn't kill him.”

“-I- didn't miss. What were you doing?”

I'm wondering who in this bunch is liable to call Bond an old fool and who might have missed their...attempt. Sounds like it was kind of an odd attempt at that.

Not coming up with much of anything though :\
Hiejinx 17 years ago
I'm not the only one with a box cutter - see Dia's Q item --

Q-type Item, min=3, max=6 (be descriptive): 1)Atari game ( Ms. PacMan) Inside where the chip for the game should be, holds a box cutter blade that can be semi ejected with a push of ms. pacmans face. Great for slash and goes.

and Samia wasn't killed with a knife or box cutter but a fork lift -- anyone here use a fork lift for a weapon? J/K
Must have been rolling forward or she would have heard that god awful beeping....

Finding boxes in a warehouse is like finding food in a restaurant -- now chinese boxes might be a different story would be like finding chinese food in an Italian restaurant -- definitely suspect.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Sk hit - either laha because of the stink bombs (stinky smell) or Tor because someone was suppose to clean the tea thingy.

I'm reaching, but eh - it's possible.
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
I think Tor's character would never have left it sitting out.

Anyhow, There are two references in the SK hit to the customers (or at least some of them) being unusual. Here's one:

John made his way to the front of the line, flashing his badge and pushing past the normal customers.

And here's the other:

Disgruntled ordinary customers were not the only one to see the pastry monger.

I don't really understand the context of the second sentence, unless what they're saying is that there's an unusual customer at the bakery as well.

This would seem to lend itself toward being a person in a bear suit. That's definitely something you don't see every day, and the stink bombs would support that. I'm also wondering if there's any significance to the tea being in an urn, since you'd usually expect tea to be in a teapot of some sort.

Here's a bit more evidence pionting at Beaker:

What is known is that Beaker dislikes the use of firearms in his line of work and prefers a more hands-bear on take on the whole issue.

Neither SK hit so far has involved a firearm. The first involved asphyxiation by toy, the second a cosh on the head and subsequent drowning.

There are others who would be likely to not have used a firearm (my character, for example, has no firearms on her - but I don't see any evidence that even remotely points to me or could be interpreted that way), but so far the bulk of the evidence seems to point at Beaker.

That said, it's still early in the game and it would be sort of unusual to correctly pin the SK so fast.
Mike 17 years ago
It is probably a strech but for the SK ... it mentions a smoke break and Ellis has those cigarettes.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Dude I wish I were the SK. You have no idea how fun it is. My ciggies don't stink tho, baby.
Ashmore 17 years ago
with the evidence at hand... I can see how beaker could be the SK.
I will lean that way unless I see something else pop up.
Laha 17 years ago

Growl...growl growl growl..growl GROWL growl...


Laha 17 years ago
I have to admit that the way that the SK kills happened would be something that Beaker would do, clean and casual with the body just left there for the public to figure it out...



Verileah 17 years ago
Right now Beaker is looking like our best option. I do kinda like Mike's midget theory though.
Vudu 17 years ago
no one said the ciggies stink though ellis it just said there looked to be a smoke break and the urn was the thing that was smelling is said the lighter was still sitting there so im going with either beaker put the urn there not thinking it being used as a weapon and ellis is the sk
Vudu 17 years ago
He quickly spotted the tea urn sitting against the wall. There was nothing new or fresh about whatever liquid this was supposed to be. Taking a closer look, it appeared that someone was supposed to dump the urn but decided to take a smoke break instead.

if you see said smoke break.. ellis smokes
the urn smells nothing new or fresh about it
ellis is my vote for later she the only one that smokes