~* Daily Sketch Topic *~ (March 3rd - March 10th )

Hey guys!

Welcome to the Daily Sketch Topic! This thread will be restarted weekly with the entire weeks worth of topics. You can do them in any order , and theres no time limit as to when each topic is open or closed. They will be labelled for the day but thats only for organization ^_^.

Now! How does this work? You pick a topic that interests you out of the list. Using any medium, (Pixel, Freehand, 3D, Photomanip, SS Manip - just be sure to leave credits!), you create your interpration of that topic!

This idea is taken from the ConceptArt.Org board - and I think that that should be the focus. The *CONCEPT* of what you are doing. I would heartily suggest everyone try to draw what is in your head. Dont worry about what it 'looks' like - its the concept thats more important! And this isnt meant to be an all day thing, anyway, generally its a 20 min - 1 hour sketch of the concept! Not a finished peice! Many of my ideas will be a hyrbid of CA.org's ideas and RPG things. =)

Also, I would like to focus on the concepts that I think most artists have 'problems' with. Since we are RPG artists that base our creations on pre-made character combinations, armor, and such - I know that we can reproduce a character. However, I know that enviroments and items and animals and non-humaniods are 'harder' because we dont have such a strong basis for it. I will attempt to use EQ, EQ2, WoW, and other games as a basis. If you have a great idea, let me know! I dont play any of those games currently but still would like to use 'current' game ideas!

Sketch Topics!

1. Character: Avatars Dream House/Room/Place (Fri, March03th)

2. Enviroment: Melodious Meadow (Sat, Mar 4th)

3. Item: The Holy Grail (Sun, Marc 5th)

4. Concept: The Light of Love (Mon, Mar 6th)

5. Character: Queen of the Hunt (Tue, Mar 7th)

6. Concept: Magical Reins/Whistle to Summon ____ (Weds, Mar 8th)

7. Enviorment: Starry Night (Thur, Mar 9th)

8. Item: Magical Candy! (Fri, Mar 10th)