Round Three Lynch: No no don't get up

Harmonia had overslept after a late night of clue searching and file reading; she was now hurrying down the corridors of the convention center in order to get to the seminar on “How stuffed should a stuffed animal be” with a panel of people from various companies such at TY, BuildaBear, and Russ. She idly wondered if they would get into a violent argument and it would come to blows. Something needed to happen to liven up the scheduled activities, though the murders were doing a lot to make the place interesting with unplanned events.

Opening the door, Harmonia found the place packed. Who knew this many people would be interested in how to stuff a toy? She found only one seat remaining in the middle of the crowd and shoved her way through the people in the row to get to it.

“Excuse me. Sorry about your foot. Can I just...get..thank you.”

Finally seated, Harmonia leaned to the woman next to her.

“Who's speaking?”

“What does he mean about firmness?”

The woman answered the question in a curt tone and went back to pretending to be engrossed in the speech. Harmonia snorted and turned to the man on the other side of her.

“Is he talking about all animals or just bears?”

“Have they mentioned different age groups?”

The man looked annoyed and the look past her towards some of the other people. They nodded as well. Harmonia looked around and figured there was something she must have missed earlier.

“Care to fill me in?”

The person behind her leaned forward and said “Certainly. Just step outside so we don't disturb anyone else.”

Oooh, this sounded juicy. Perhaps this person was another agent and wanted to let her in on something important in private. Harmonia was not sure what gave her away as not a part of the regular toy making crowd but she stood up and followed the person out and into the stair well.

“Okay so what do you know?”

“I know that you haven't been around this morning. Where were you when Zowie was killed?”

“I... was in my room.”

Harmonia had been searching for clues actually but how could she mention that. It certainly wouldn't make her look innocent.

“Look I have a perfectly good alibi. I was on the phone with my mother. I can call her if you wish and you can ask.”

She leaned down to her phone and quickly began dialing her agency, knowing that the woman who answered would play along with her story if she called her mom before handing over the phone.

“We don't think that will be necessary.”

Now there were more people crowded on the narrow landing of the stairway and they all looked hostile.

“You have no excuse and we aren't going to believe any you come up with.”

There was to be no more talking, Harmonia managed to get out a “bu...” before the crowd shoved her down the stairs. Tragic really. Poor little dancer obviously got all tangled up in her scarf. One little act of clumsiness and she died for it.


Svetlana muttered to herself as she trudged up the stairs.

“Zaebal uzhe, khvatit piz'det”

The last speaker had been so boring that she needed to get up and grab a cup of coffee in order not to snore in the back of the room. Then the otstoj of an elevator broke and she had to take the stairs.

Svetlana looked up when she heard voices from several flights up just in time to see some person in scarves, veils and coins come flying down at her.

“Tvoyu mat'!”

Was the last thing she said as the other person hit her squarely in the chest and the both of them rolled down the rest of the stairs. The crowd at the top came down to make sure both were dead before dispersing back to their meeting each looking blissfully unaware of the unfortunate “accident” .

((OOC: Translation:

Zaebal uzhe, khvatit piz'det You are boring me to death, cut the crap.

otstoj Heap, actually old vehicle.. but yeah.

Tvoyu mat' Fucking shit! ))