Round Four Mafia Hit - About Face

Samantha Stythal was annoyed. Where was her brother anyway? He had no idea how easy he had it. He didn’t have to be an agent while keeping the cover of perfect hair, perfect cloths, perfect jewelry, perfect smile. Samantha wished he could be the ‘Face’ just once. She was the one everyone saw. The one everyone recognized and the one everyone shot at first. It definitely wasn’t fair.

With a sigh, Samantha got back to work. She had been searching the antique toy section for the past hour for anything that might be useful. Here she was in the windup toy section. Some of them were metal, some of them were not. None of them were interesting or useful.

Samantha was about to move on to the next section when she tripped over a metal duck on a tricycle. This caused her to stumble and pitch forward into the next display. Everything happened so quickly that Samantha did not see what had hit her. One moment she bent over the display table where she had fallen and the next there was a strange sound and something hard hitting her. Her eyeglasses were definitely broken and she was probably going to have a black eye. Samantha put a hand to her face, it was going to be much worse when the bruise started to fade and became the ugly yellowish green color.

“I told you we should just kill them all and be done with it.”

“We have more important things to do.”

“Such as take care of the blonde that is just standing there?”

Samantha finally came out of her daze enough to realize the danger of her situation. He physical training and instincts took over. She ran. Samantha didn’t stop or look back when she cut herself on the blade of one of those beanie wearing windup toys. She continued to run half-blind through the displays. She was brought to a halt when she ran face first into a blown up punching bag. If people had been around to see it, it would have appeared she was playing kissey-face with Bobo the Clown. Bobo gave under her weight, which caused her to collapse to the ground. She tried to raise herself up only to find her one of her heels had bee broken in the fall.

The time it took for Samantha to remove her shoes was all that was needed for her attackers to catch up with her. Samantha had been so focused on figuring out how to fend off the pending attack in front of her that she didn’t notice the one coming from behind. Her expression was one of confusion and surprise as something hard hit her in the back of the head. Samantha’s brother might not have been there for her, but at least she would always have Bobo.

Ashmore 17 years ago
Vudu 17 years ago
stops in at the scence looking at her brother puting his arm around him said its okay man it will be alright looking back at the body.. then looking at bobo wow she went out with a bang