Round Four OOC

Chat it up

Dia 17 years ago
ok i will chat it up alone!

I'm leaning at Willy Cleene again at this one. Why? He has a key to get into anywhere, the warehouse would need a key for sure. The forklift would need a key as well, we've all be thinking it was hotwired but that doesnt seem like a time worthy thing to do when you want to quickly kill someone. . Also Zowie being paralyzed; That chemical bit again. Biochemist donut ect.

The attacker/s ran slow as hell didnt they? Maybe George the big fat dork possibly? She sure as hell woulda been able to out run him!
Hiejinx 17 years ago
Well, I'm just really confused -- I've read it half a dozen times and I only see a couple of odd items --
She was looking for antigue toys

She was hit with something in the face and then from behind

and I found a mention of an urn in Willy Cleene's bio I had never noticed before.

I would have thought the tricycle maybe meant 3 left but not sure that is true either and what Bobo the clown has to do with it all is a mystery to me....
zorgoz 17 years ago
I looked more into the 'key' theory, and noticed that Samiah was killed in a stockroom, which, like the warehouse, would probably need a key to get into.
I like the tricycle idea, Hiejinx. The mention of that in the hit seemed a little random to me.
Verileah 17 years ago
Tricycles are a popular was kinda funny, I was watching firefly with my brother and sister in law last night and it was that part where they enter the reaver ship. My brother in law was like 'I bet there's a tricycle over there.'

And there was.

Anyway. Day three. clueage from the top, seems like there's something for everyone so I suppose the question is...what is the best answer.

We'll start for me just so no one starts crying that I'm being unfair .

Dani - Green purse
Shay - Dead
Dia - Antique dealies, Green eyes, green lights on gun, doll, paralyzing gas, box cutter theories
Ras - Dead
Roz - Cigarettes, paralyzing gas
Vudu - gadgets - maybe had something to do with the forklift?
Laha - Dead
Mike - Dead
Blackrabbit - Dead
Ashmore - waterproof watch, knockout darts (not very strong )
Jinheim - rope tie thing
Briare - Dead
Zorgoz - could have hotwired the forklift? Eye gun with funny trajectory
Hiejinx - There were some box cutter theories going around
Tor - Master Key, biochemist theories, urn
Aniyah - Dead

Did I miss someone? Or miss a theory?

Right now Dia is looking pretty darn iffy. Then, everyone looks iffy to me :X.

Umm...anyway, that's the recap up to this point.
Ashmore 17 years ago
good sum up... I have not been around the boards too much today.. heck I have not even been near the PC today

plus I am reeling from the loss of my sister....
Jinheim 17 years ago
Based on yesterday's voting, I think Dia is mafia.

Harmonia was mafia, and got lynched in a 4-2 vote, with Dia being the second person. The two people voting for Dia were Blackrabbit and her brother. Blackrabbit was hit today, therefore she was not mafia and was working with good intentions. This brings up a couple of points:

1) Blackrabbit might have been on to something, and was hit because of it. She has proven herself to be a very good player and people listen to her.

2) Since the vote was 4-2, it is safe to assume that at least one mafia voted for Harmonia. Why would a mafia vote for one of their own, when all they have to do is switch the vote to die and thus make it a tie? In a tie, mods typically flpi a coin to see if both chars die, or both chars live. Lets examine further:

Both chars live: Mafia gets to keep one of their members alive for another day. This is good for the mafia.

Both chars die: Harmonia would have died anyways, but this way Dia goes down as well. Good for mafia. Unless... Dia is also mafia, in which case mafia would be losing two members.

Because of these circumstances, on top of all the clues pointing towards her, I am almost certain that Dia is mafia.
Vudu 17 years ago
William is cleene the urn was mentioned in the sk hit not the mafia i mean sure the key still fits but the urn doesn't