Round Four Lynch - I want my Mommy!

Krista was lucky. She got to shop and look at all sort of interesting things and call it a job. What could be better. Krista had spent several minutes roaming the various aisles and finally made her way to the doll section. It was one of her favorites. It could also be frustrating. Seeing all of these vintage knock-offs, it really was an insult to the originals.

Krista was glaring at a particularly bad remake of a Cupey doll when the mob arrived. It was hard not to be surprised by the way this angry group was looking at her. Worse still, she was trapped, surrounded by display tables and angry people. She was trying to come up with a friendly greeting in hopes of smoothing the tension, when the ring-leader spoke.

“We know you are guilty. We know you are responsible for all of the deaths.”

Krista shook her head and tried to plead her innocence. It didn’t look as if the group was buying it. Suddenly a doll smacked her squarely in the chest. A voice from the crowd spoke up. “Samantha and James died out here among the toys. You are always lurking about these sections. You must be responsible.”

There were murmurs of agreement from the crowd. Then, as if the group shared the same mind, more dolls began to fly in her direction. Krista was barely able to stay on her feet. In the midst of airborne dolls calling “Mamma!” and “Hug Me!”, a shot was fired. No one knows who killed Krista. Someone’s gun must have misfired. Several of them had weapons and it was standard procedure to keep them drawn when apprehending a dangerous suspect. Wasn’t it? Even when the suspect was cornered? They didn’t know who had fired, but they did know they wanted to be anywhere else. The members of the group tossed the dolls they had been holding in the direction of the body and then moved away…. Quickly.