Round Five Mafia Hit: Food for the Fishes

Joe had been holed up in the basement of the convention center making various things he felt he needed for this mission. He had been given so little notice and it was hardly like him to go unprepared. Well the agency would just have to deal with the delay, Joe wasn't about to go into the unknown unprepared. He had been in the basement tinkering away, ignoring the hype and fuss in favor of finishing his designs.

They were done now and he was ready to begin this mission in earnest! Right after a much needed break! Trudging up the stairs...damn elevator seemed to be broken, maybe he should fix that for them...later. Right now Joe wanted a good meal.

There were several places to choose from here according the adds he saw on a bulletin board in the lobby. Deciding between a the fancy Greek restaurant further away or the hot dog and sausage stand on the corner, Joe stepped outside.

Whatever he chose, Joe decided it should be quick; for such a lovely vacation spot, the smells on the city were getting to him. He hailed a cab and quickly got inside. Much to his annoyance, he noticed now that someone else was already in the back seat.

“We can share it. I'm not going far.”

Joe looked skeptical but decided that he was hungry and no other cabs were lined up at the curb. It seemed safe enough so why not?

He shrugged his acceptance.

The cabby turned around and smiled at him.

“So, where you going?”

“Athenos. Do you know where that is?”

“Of course” The cab driver smiled again. “It is one of my favorites.”

The car drove forward and Joe settled in to watch the scenery go by. They did not seem to be headed towards the restaurant but that did not worry him; he wasn't the only passenger after all. They came to a stop along the beach and Joe looked over in curiosity. What was so interesting about this place? It looked.... deserted.

He had didn't have enough time to be alarmed before he was knocked out. When Joe started to regain consciousness, he noticed a strange lurching. It took a moment for him to realize that he was on boat.

“He's coming around.”

“So he is. Good night, Joe Black.”

Out away from the shore no one heard the sound of the shot that killed yet another agent.

This one wouldn't even cause an inconvenient stir with his death.

Vudu 17 years ago
IM NOT DEAD IM PLAYING POSSEM ( how ever you spell that animal name )