Round Five Vote

Mark your choice in bold. If you change your vote, unbold the first choice and bold the second. Do not delete any information.

Voting close Monday 6th at midnight EST

Tor 17 years ago
Ellis needs to die.

((ooc: on this board, too! :P))
Ashmore 17 years ago
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Ellis sat comfortably under the spot light and crossed her legs. Running her tongue over one of her custom fangs, she smiles, playing with her lit cigarette.

Shrugging, she enhales deeply on it before flicking it at the lynch mob. Recrossing her legs she sighs, bored and disappointed she was pulled away from her tropic island.

Jinheim - Just cuz.
zorgoz 17 years ago
Ellis looks like the most likely choice atm
Hiejinx 17 years ago
Jinheim 17 years ago
Ellis, because she voted for me.
Verileah 17 years ago
Well isn't this unsettling.

Rae 17 years ago
Voting is now closed. Lynch to follow shortly.