Found Five Lynch - Another one bites the dust

Ellis was bored. She was forced to play nice with the doll loving freaks. Well, at least is wasn’t a Star Trek convention. Someone would have to die if she had been forced to speak Klingon in public. People had been dieing here and that was interesting enough for a few minutes. The problem was, it wasn't like in the old days of the cold war when you could be open about not being open about killing people for a living. Now you had to pretend to care about teddy bear stuffing and such. Ellis had made a point of missing as many of the seminars as possible.

Dodging yet another seminar meant that she was cooped up in her room with the hotel staff person that had brought the lunch she had ordered. Ellis was too bored to eat and decided to play a bit with the young staffer instead. Placing two firm hands on the other girls shoulders, Ellis bit her on the neck. It wasn’t hard enough to draw a lot of blood. It was just a scratch really, meant to startle and maybe pinch a little. Pinching was normally a good thing, except Ellis forgot about the toxin on her fangs. The innocent staffer collapsed in a heap of unconsciousness. Ellis shrugged. Oh well. The girl would wake up in a few hours with what would feel like the worse hang over of her life.

It was at this moment that the others made their way to Ellis’s room and forced the door open. It didn’t take them long spot the fresh body. This seemed to confirm their suspicions. Seeing where their eyes were directed, Ellis gave them her best and most charming smile.

“What this? I proved to be too much woman for her.”

Ellis had a way of being convincing and she used the moment of indecision to excuse herself. She made her way out of the hotel to walk a bit until the group calmed down. The hotel had been in the process of making some renovations. It was behind one of the rubble piles at the construction site that Ellis decided to stop for a moment. Leaning against the wood and bricks, Ellis lit a cigarette. That felt better.

Ellis turned at the sound of the group coming towards her from the other side of the debris. Suddenly, the pile began to shift in her direction. She managed to dodge the first few bricks that tumbled down, only to be caught under the rest that quickly followed. When the crashing of brick and wood had stopped, the crowd looked in surprise at what had happened. Surely no one could survive that. They all left the scene by mutual consent. When someone finally did come along to dig Ellis out, they found that a long wooden stake had pierced her heart.