Mafia Hit Round Six: Miscommunication

“They say she's dead. No, I know that's been said before.”

Dani listened intently to the other side of the phone conversation while she typed up the last details of a proposal on her laptop. It was nothing earth shattering but these minor domestic matters for Meridian were comforting to her in a way.

Looking over when her door opened, She said.

“I have company. I will have to call you back.”

Dani watched as her 'company' claimed the bed near her cramped hotel room desk area. She tapped her foot impatiently while waiting for there to be a point to this visit. It was unexpected, and based on recent events around here, she knew to be wary of such surprises.


She painted on a smile to cover her darker brooding while holding out one of the small baked snacks. No? Okay. Setting it back down near her desk, Dani paused to save her proposal and then closed the program in order to give her entire attention to the visit.

The point was soon gotten to.

“You know. We thought we might have been able to trust you. Bring you into the fold. You showed real promise according to your file but you're just too honest, aren't you?”

Dani felt that was the best way to be and gave a slight shrug of dismissal. She wouldn't work for Meridian if she didn't fully believe that what they stood for was worthwhile. That was why she was here, to defend that.

“Yes, you must be the twinkle in daddy's eye with those morals.”

The speech maker in her automatically corrected the idiom in her head though she continued to glare silently through what was hardly a scathing accusation.

Clearing their throat the speaker tossed something out on the bed. Dani looked down and gasped in shock at what was a pair of fangs. By the time she realized they were fake, it was too late to deal with the real threat.

The shot hit her squarely in the chest and she slid slowly out of the chair and onto the floor. Her hand hit the bed, knocking the fake fangs down on the floor with her. She could just make them out now, laying next to her out of the corner of her eye as the irony of the situation caused her a moment of disbelieving amusement; she never expected to be in this kind of danger. Dani looked up at the shooter in time to see a sad tsk and a shake of the head.

“Not her's but now you're just as dead as Ellis. Should we drive a stake through your heart as well?”

Correcting that misconseption in her head was the last thing she remembered.