Round Six OOC

You know what to do.

Ashmore 18 years ago


not much to chat about here... I am ready to vote now
Hiejinx 18 years ago
Okay I think it is Claus -- GF and all that and if y'all do knock me off well I KNOW I was right.

There are a number of earlier hints but Dani's kill says something about darker brooding which makes me think her company is DARKER

and then there is this quote:

twinkle in daddy's eye

The twinkle in the Godfather's eye is in the real eye while he sets up to shoot her with his other one.... and the daddy connotation says it all.
Jinheim 18 years ago
So can someone explain why people are trying to lynch me?
zorgoz 18 years ago
I have a feeling discussion is going on mostly outside the forum. The number of people left is getting low, we can't waste any townies.
Hiejinx 18 years ago
Well all I have to say is -- one of you bad boys is Mafia or we wouldn't still be playing this round -- so when you knock the wrong one off tonight and you off someone else and it is down to two to one let's hope to God you can figure out which is Mafia then.......otherwise the townies lose. Just remember where exactly you heard it and from whom
Jinheim 18 years ago
Day 5:

Whatever he chose, Joe decided it should be quick; for such a lovely vacation spot, the smells on the city were getting to him. He hailed a cab and quickly got inside. Much to his annoyance, he noticed now that someone else was already in the back seat.

Why would someone not notice that there was a person in the backseat of a car? Heads are clearly visible through the back and side windows. Unless, of course, the person is a midget.

Day 4:

One moment she bent over the display table where she had fallen and the next there was a strange sound and something hard hitting her

Her expression was one of confusion and surprise as something hard hit her in the back of the head.

And from the midget's bio:

Weapon (be descriptive): baseball bat: metal, 1.5 feet long, black, rubber handle great for grip. The bat can also extend to 3 feet long in desperate times, like one of those toy lightsabers, once a button on the end is pushed.

Day 6:

“Yes, you must be the twinkle in daddy's eye with those morals.”

The midget only has one eye.
Jinheim 18 years ago
Also, it is pretty much a rule that anyone makes a little kid or a midget as their character, it is evil.
zorgoz 18 years ago
Also, it is pretty much a rule that anyone makes a little kid or a midget as their character, it is evil.

I was a midget last game too =) its my signature
Ashmore 18 years ago
sorry about the vote Jinheim... its that avatar... just freaks me the hell out