Round Six Vote thread:

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Voting will end Tueday, March 7th, Midnight EST

Ashmore 18 years ago

have to vote early today.. have pool league and wont be home till late
Tor 18 years ago
Jinheim. I'm just having trouble thinking a bloke could off his sister. Hope I'm right.

((changed from Sean after review))
Hiejinx 18 years ago
Claus --- see OOC notes if you don't believe me --
zorgoz 18 years ago
Jenheim He has the glasses (gleaming eye, or whatever the wording was), he uses a gun (dani was shot, however most people use guns, so its not strong evidence), his tie could be used to tie someone up, the hacking device he has could be used to operate a forklift.
Jinheim 18 years ago
Claus, for the reasons I listed in the ooc thread.
Rae 18 years ago
Voting is now closed. Lynch to follow.