Tortilla Soup (Vegan Version)

I modified a recipe from my fav veggie site, to suit my tastes. I cooked this on Sunday and we ate it last night. I must admit that this is the best thing I have tasted EVER!

2T Olive Oil
1/2c Onion, Diced or Minced
1/2c Cellery, Diced (heart w/ leaves prefered)
1/2c Bell Pepper, Diced
3 Hot Peppers, seeded and diced
1 Lime, zest and juice
Garlic (5 cloves)
8c Water
4 Bullion Cubes (Knor Veg)
4c Black Beans, soaked dried beans or rinsed canned
16oz Salsa
2c Corn, frozen kernels

Optional toppings:
Corn Tortilla, julliened and fried

Saute the onion, cellery, bell pepper and hot peper in the oil till the onion is translucent. Add in garlic, lime zest and juice, saute making sure not allow the garlic to burn. Add in water, bullion, beans, corn and salsa. Simmer for 30 min for canned beans or 2 hours for soaked dried beans.

Serve topped with a lime slice, fried corn tortilla strips and avacado.
You can add in cillantro, but I am not a fan of the flavor so I skipped that.

This soup is tangy and spicy as well as filling. I am going to be making this regularly!

Adiene 18 years ago
ohhh sounds yummy *makes list* lol I have to go to the store tomorrow may as well try it out hehe